Plywood Group LCW Calf Hide

by Charles & Ray Eames, 1945 — 2.158,00 €
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After several years of experiments with moulded plywood Charles and Ray Eames developed in 1945/46 the so-called Plywood Group, a collection of chairs produced by Vitra and which also includes the LCW and the LCW Calf Hide. Crafted from laminated wood the otherwise reduced Vitra Lounge Chair is given an extra touch of elegance through the fur covers.
Charles & Ray Eames spent many years experimenting with new processes for optimizing the way three-dimensionally moulded plywood fits the contours of the body. The result was the Plywood Group.
  • Low chair
  • Plywood in natural ash with brown/white calf skin or black ash with black/white calf hide.
  • Ash base
  • With glides for carpets
  • LCW= Lounge Chair Wood

Colours & Material Plywood Group LCW Calf`s Skin

LCW Calf`s Skin


Dimensions Plywood Group LCW Calf`s Skin

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