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Fifty-Fifty Mini
Akari 23A
Akari 1AG
NJP Long Wall Light
Bicoca Table Lamp
Panthella Table Lamp
Akari 1AY
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 Mini
Special Edition
Table-Lamp Josette
Fifty-Fifty Table
Bellevue Wall Lamp
Gräshoppa Floor Lamp
Akari 1N
VL38 Table Lamp
Acorn Pendant Lamp
Taj Mini
Ambit Pendant Lamp
VL38 Floor Lamp
Standing Lamp Elisabeth
NJP Floor Lamp
Akari 3X
Demetra Lettura LED
AJ Table Lamp
Roxxane Home Standing Lamp
Roxxane Fly
Melampo Notte
Balad Light
Milk Table Lamp
Control Table Lamp
Akari 55D / 75D
Luca Stand Little
Porcelight Pendant Lamp
Kaiser Idell 6556-T
Le Soleil Sospensione
Dioscuri Tavolo
Talo Parete LED
Theia Floor Lamp
Balad Stand
Knit-Wit Pendant Lamp
Toldbod 120 Pendant Lamp
NJP Table Lamp
Small FL/Y
Leaf Floor Lamp
Grain Pendant Lamp
Beam Table lamp
Lumiere 05 Tavolo Grande
Me Floor Lamp
Tress Terra
Planet Floor Lamp
Roxxane Leggera Table Lamp
Multi-Lite Pendant Lamp
Bloom Pendant Light
Havana Standing Lamp
Turn On
Le Soleil Parete
Cloud Pendant Lamp
PH 3½-2½ Table Lamp
Demetra Tavolo LED
Leaf Table Lamp
Twiggy Terra LED
Roxxane Office
Fork Tavolo
Block 2 Floor Lamp
PH 3/2 Pendant Lamp
Crash & Bell
PH 3½-3 Pendant Lamp
Luca Lean
Big FL/Y
Rosi Lamp
Selene Brass
FL / Y
Bloom Metallic Pendant Light
Santorini Pendant Lamp
Akari 33N
Dear Ingo
Wall Light A330S Golden Bell
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 Giant - Edition 1
Special Edition
Pendant Lamp A333 Turnip
JWDA Table Lamp
Pin Coat Pin LED
Caravaggio Opal Pendant Lamp
Akari 3AD
Polo Standing Lamp
Pendant Lamp A338 Bilberry
Twiggy Grid
Ginger Wall Lamp
Cri Cri
Birdie Tavolo
Orient Pendant Lamp
Petite Machine Table Lamp

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Wilhelm Wagenfeld: Lamps @ the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus, Bremen

"I assure you that you and your work are the model case for what the Bauhaus has been after" wrote Walter Gropius to Wilhelm Wagenfeld in April 1965. Just how Wilhelm Wagenfeld developed that "model case" "after" Bauhaus is explored, as least in terms of one...

smow Blog Interview: Ionna Vautrin - For me objects need to relate to the human, to human forms...

French designer Ionna Vautrin first reached a broad international public with her Binic lamp for Italian manufacturer Foscarini, a design which, it's fair to say, is/was one of those genuinely, gloriously, joyous moments in the (hi)story of lighting design, a...

Paris Design Week 2018 Compact: Plateau Lamp by Ferréol Babin for Daniel

It is a universal rule of life that some of the most pleasing things occur unplanned, and that is certainly the case when visiting a design week, events where the disappointment that invariably arises visiting shows you intended to, is quickly offset by...

Milan Design Week 2018 Compact: Flos present Achille Castiglioni - If you are not curious, forget it

By way of celebrating designer Achille Castiglioni's centenary Italian lighting manufacturer Flos used Milan Design Week 2018 to launch re-editions of two Castiglioni designs: Ventosa and Nasa. Objects which in their own, small, ways allow for an insight into...

Light + Building Frankfurt 2018: High Five!!

...Lighting Pad from Nimbus While acoustic ceiling panels with integrated lighting aren't new, there is something particularly pleasing about the way Stuttgart based manufacturer Nimbus have realised their Lighting Pad... And in the case of the Lighting Pad combining the two areas of the Nimbus Group's areas of expertise in one module: Nimbus Lighting and Rosso Acoustic...

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