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Castor for S 197 R
Castor for Vitra chairs
Glides (1 set) for Hay Chairs
Glides (1 Set) for Vitra Chairs
Glides (1 set) for Fritz Hansen Chairs
Glides (1 set) for Bertoia Chair
Seat Pad for Pressed Chair
Houe Maintenance Oil
Ludwig cushion
Seat Pad for S 43 / S 43 F
Seat Pad for Ant Chair
Seat Pad for Ulmer Hocker
Seat Pad for Eames Armchairs
Seat Pad for 214
Seat Pad for Eames Side Chairs
Seat Dots
Seat Pad for Series 7
Seat Pad for Panton Chair
Seat Pad for HAL
Glides for Tecta Cantilever Chairs
About A Chair Seat Pad
Seat Cushion for Palissade Dining Armchair
MG590/581 Stand for Cuba Chairs
Care Kit Wood Carl Hansen & Søn
Seggiolina Pop
Seat Cushion for Drop
Seat Cushion for Palissade Lounge Chair
Bistro Folding Chair
Leather Seat Pad for Eames Armchairs
Leather Seat Pad for Eames Side Chairs
Seat Pad Leather for Panton Chairs
Cover for Children's Chair Turtle
Prince AHA
MAXintheBOX Single
Seat Cushion for Wire Chair (DKR/DKW/DKX)
Happy Zoo Nora
Happy Zoo Carl
Happy Zoo Ben
Seat Cushion for Palissade Dining Bench
Elephant Stool
Happy Zoo Frida
Charles Ghost
Happy Zoo Lotte
Happy Zoo Fine
Folding Stool Falter
Dr. Yes
RETROit Canvas Drum
Panton Junior
Bistro Folding Chair Set of 2
Juno Chair
Bistro Bar Stool
La Bohème Stool
Bubble Club Table
Herman Stool
Sambito Hammock
Folding Air-Chair
Generic A
Generic C
Rattan Stool  E 14
RETROit Cobana Square Outdoor
J77 Chair
RETROit Cobana Drum Outdoor
Aava Chair
Maui Chair
Catifa 46 Tube
Hee Dining Chair
Lilly's Chair
Strammer Max
Hee Bar Stool
MAXintheBOX Duo
LP Chair
Click Chair
Catifa 46 Sledge
J104 Chair
Revolver Bar Stool
Seat Pad Elephant
Sitting Friend Elmar
Sitting Friend Jonas
Sitting Friend Piep
Famille Garage Bench
Sitting Friend Leo
Paso Doble Chair
Dr. NO
About A Stool AAS 38
Form Armchair
Luxembourg Low Table/Footrest
Acapulco Chair Mini
Stool E60
Ami Ami Chair
HAL Tube
Stool 60
SQUAREit Cobana Junior Outdoor


The average person spends about a third of their life in a sitting position: at the desk, on the telephone, in the restaurant, in the theatre, in lectures or conferences - chairs are omnipresent in our daily lives. Their function is so self-evident that only very few rooms are at all conceivable without seating. Despite its ubiquity sitting is however a variable experience and different types of sitting require different types of seats, thus a genre of furniture has been established which is characterised by the great differences in quality on offer. The smow range provides a representative overview of the history of modern, high-quality chair design: from simple, functional general purpose classics such as the Series 7 over exotic outdoor furniture such as the Tropicalia chair, or exclusive, timeless design classics as represented by works such as the Eames Lounge Chair or Barcelona Chair and onto fresh, new designs such as the Vitra Tip Ton chair. Despite the variety one premise underscores all of these high-quality armchairs, chairs or sofas: Sitting good is to feel good! All the designs on offer from smow meet the basic demand for comfortable sitting. In the case of designer sofas such as the LC2, that demand is met with a high level of luxurious comfort while with more sober, functional objects such as the Vitra ID Mesh office chair comfort is also reflected in the provision of a healthy, ergonomic seating. It is the ubiquitous seating that gives a room its special atmosphere, and with the correct object for any room concept the long-lasting and exclusive Designer chairs from smow guarantee to provide the perfect character and functionality.

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Paris Design Week 2018 Compact: ArNO by Bright Potato

The metal wire chair is such a well established seating genre it is hard to imagine it is possible to do anything new with it. Far less anything exciting. However...... ArNO by Bright Potato Presented in context of the exhibition Meet My Project at the VIA...

IMM Cologne 2018 Compact: 118 by Sebastian Herkner for Thonet

It's probably fair to say that no object at IMM Cologne 2018 confused us quite as much as the new 118 chair by Sebastian Herkner for Thonet. Not in bad way. Just in a confused way. We know, we know, what sort of being gets confused by chairs. Us. Regularly...

Radio smow: A Chairs Playlist

As we've oft noted in these pages, not only have designers since time immemorial had a particular fascination for chairs, but society a particular predilection. Arguably the two are related and can be traced to the long, universal, cultural, political and...

The Sedentary Workers: Orchestra Musicians

Although the evidence is not, yet, conclusive, recent years have seen an increasing confidence in the theory that sitting for too long can have a negative impact on health, and that all whose job involves prolonged sitting should regularly stand, move and...

Ambiente Frankfurt 2017 Compact: Bouillon

Amongst all the fake flavours at Ambiente Frankfurt 2017 the Umami of Japanese design studio Bouillon was a genuine delight. In 1909 the Japanese chemist Kikunae Ikeda defined Umami: the fifth taste sense, the savoury, that little touch of sensory magic which...

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