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Taidgh Shelf B
Taidgh Shelf C
Taidgh Shelf A
Taidgh Shelf D

Taidgh O'Neill

US-based designer Taidgh O'Neill combines visual arts and design, a connection reflected in his education: After first studying carpentry and interior design, he subsequently studied fine arts at the University of California, Los Angeles, before opening his own studio and workshop in Los Angeles. Whereas at the beginning of his career, O'Neill mainly completed interior design commissions, laterally he has focused ever more on the development of furniture design. Some custom-made and smaller series have been exhibited internationally in prestigious galleries. Since 2019 the Taidgh Shelf A, B, C and D collection have been produced by the Munich based furniture manufacturer ClassiCon. Taidgh O'Neill's design objects are convincing with their unmistakable appearance, and are skilfully linked to works by artists such as Donald Judd. For O'Neill, design objects always have a functional and a sculptural identity whose fluid connection is explored in the design process and should remain visible in the finished object.

Taidgh Shelf B from ClassiCon