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Arne Jacobsen Lamps

The famous AJ floor lamp by Arne Jacobsen is produced by Louis Poulsen

Arne Jacobsen and his Gesamtkunstwerk: the SAS Hotel

The architect and designer Arne Jacobsen, born in 1902, is regarded as one of the pioneers of international modernism. In addition to his numerous, and popularly known furniture and accessory design, Jacobsen also developed numerous buildings in Germany, the UK and Denmark, including the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, undoubtedly his most famous project. In addition to the architectural concept, the designer also planned the interior of the hotel from the door handle to the furniture and cutlery, thus creating a unified work of art. Jacobsen also had an influence as a Professor at the famous Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in architecture in 1927 and taught for more than 12 years.

Bellevue wall lamp from &tradition

Arne Jacobsen floor lamp

Design artwork and modern classic - The AJ Lamps

A significant component of the SAS hotel, completed in the late 1960s, was the AJ lamps: a series of table, floor and wall lamps that Arne Jacobsen designed on a unified concept for the hotel. Characteristic and absolutely unmistakable are the elongated, cylindrical lamp holder and the asymmetrically shaped, tiltable shade. In conjunction with the graceful light bar and the opening of the lamp base, the Louis Poulsen lights present a weightless elegant character which has proved timeless since 1960 and makes them genuine design classics.

In modern kitchens the AJ wall lights are an optimal lighting solution

Louis Poulsen - pioneer of modern lighting design

The AJ lamps are produced by the undisputed experts when it comes to high quality modern and contemporary lighting design: Louis Poulsen. The Danish manufacturer's product portfolio not only includes the AJ lamps, but also many designs by Poul Henningsen and Verner Panton. Tracing its history back to the end of the 19th century, today, Louis Poulsen is not only responsible for the production of many design icons of the 20th century, but has actively shaped their development. And beyond interior lighting, the Danish company is also active in the field of outdoor lighting and develops, in cooperation with architects and designers, complex lighting systems for a wide variety of needs and areas.

Bathroom with Arne Jacobsen wall lamps

Bellevue floor lamp from &tradition