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D4, Bauhaus Straps, rose

by Marcel Breuer, 1927 — from 958,00 €
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The D4 by Marcel Breuer through Tecta can, in effect, be referred to as the foldable brother of the Wassily chair. Originally named B4, this elegant folding chair presents itself as a mobile version of the steel tube lounge chair and thus a version which can be used when and where it is needed. The background behind and the materials used make the D4 an example of Bauhaus furniture par excellence.


Product type Collapsible armchair.
Dimensions Width: 78 cm
Depth: 61 cm
Height: 71 cm
Seat height: 44 cm
Colours Iron thread

Bauhaus Straps

Material Frame: steel tubing , chrome plated
Seat and back: Belts, available in Bauhaus fabric (100 % polyacrylic) or iron thread
Product presentation
Function & properties Foldable and thus space-saving storage
The re-editions of Bauhaus models produced by Tecta are approved by the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin and bear the Bauhaus signet designed by Oskar Schlemmer.
Care To clean the frame, we recommend a soft, damp cloth
The fabric covers can be carefully vacuumed
Please treat leather surfaces regularly with a suitable leather care product
Awards & museum Since 1980 part of the Permanent Collection of Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York
Warranty 24 months

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D4, Bauhaus Straps, rose
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