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Office Furniture from smow Kempten

smow Kempten
Kaufbeurer Straße 91
87437 Kempten (Allgäu)

+49 831 540 747 12

Opening times:
Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm
Sat 10 am - 2 pm
USM Haller Table
USM Haller Sideboard L, Customisable
USM Haller Sideboard XL, Customisable
USM Haller Highboard L, Customisable
USM Haller Sideboard L with 2 Drop-down Doors
USM Haller Lowboard L with 2 Drop-down Doors
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal with Hanging File Basket
USM Haller Highboard L with 4 Drop-down Doors
Trolley R 107N
USM Haller Storage Unit with 2 Drop-down Doors
USM Haller Highboard M with 1 Drop-down Door
USM Haller Office Sideboard M with Drawers
Sideboard R 111N
USM Lock for Drop-Down or Extension Doors, with 2 Keys
Trolley R 103N
USM Haller Surgery Trolley
Ongo Free Triangel
S 32 PV / S 64 PV Pure Materials
USM Haller Waiting Room Table
Ongo Free Round
Aava Chair
USM Haller Sideboard XL, Edition Olive Green, Customisable
Special Edition
Ongo Classic
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 - Edition 5
Special Edition
Super Fold Table
Catifa 46 Swivel Chair
Catifa 46 Tube
USM Inos Box
USM Haller Counter Type 1
Kaiser Idell 6631-T Brass
USM Haller Surgery Sideboard
USM Haller Sideboard L, Edition Olive Green, Customisable
Special Edition
Vertigo Nova Floor Lamp
Ponti Umbrella Stand
Allstar Office Swivel Chair
USM Haller Cube
Butch - The Wild Bunch
Fiber Armchair Swivel
Leather Overlay for USM Haller
USM Haller Counter Type 3
Catifa 46 Sledge
USM Privacy Panels Acoustic Wall
USM Privacy Panels Table Screen
USM Privacy Panels Acoustic Corner
Trolley R 106N
S 8000
USM Haller Storage Unit with Drop-down Doors and Drawer
USM Privacy Panels Acoustic Wall Extension
In Between Bistro Table
USM Haller Storage Unit with 3 Angled Shelves
USM Haller Highboard L with Angled Shelves
USM Haller Counter Type 2 (with Angled Shelves)
Flow Q Highboard
Vertigo Nova Wall Lamp
USM Haller Counter Type 4
Outline Highback Sofa
USM Haller Vitrine
Anglepoise & Paul Smith Type 75 - Edition 6
Special Edition
USM Kitos E High Table

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smow Song Contest 2022

...Kempten - Dedication of the Anna Schwegelin Fountain: Oh Bondage, Up Yours - X-ray Spex Long believed to have been the last witch executed in the lands of the contemporary Germany, a belief largely debunked by the discovery in the 1990s of a record of her death in Kempten prison in 1781, some 6 years after her believed execution in the city, Anna Schwegelin is without question one of the last women convicted of being a witch, and persecuted for being a witch, in the lands of the contemporary Germany... If an initiative which needed a very long breath: on June 27th 2002 the Anna-Schwegelin-Brunnen was dedicated on Kempten's Residenzplatz, in front of the District Court, the end of a 17 year campaign which, again as best we can ascertain, was fought against much resistance from the authorities and political leadership in Kempten who, apparently, understood little need for a memorial, a monument, for Anna Schwegelin...

smow Song Contest 2021

...Kempten, Höhenegg, 915m: Grateful Dead - Friend of the Devil Situated in Mariaberg in south-western Kempten, and offering views over both Kempten and the Alps, the path to Höhenegg takes you past the so-called Mulzer-Föhre, a solitary Scots Pine - and solitary Scots do - planted in memory of Max Ritter von Mulzer, one of the most successful, i...

smow Song Contest 2019

...Kempten - Helene Nonné: Georges Brassens - Les Sabots d'Hélène Kempten and Bauhaus don't have the closest of associations, even Bauhaus and Allgäu caused the selection committee a few headaches; however, for a few post-War years Helene Nonné lived in Wangen im Allgäu...

smow Song Contest 2018

...Kempten/Quiberon, Brittany: Bertrand Belin - Hypernuít Formally the twin with Quiberon was arranged in 1971 by the village of Sankt Mang, before being taken on by Kempten following Sankt Mang's assimilation in the course of the 1972 local government reorganisation; and although both Sankt Mang/Kempten and Quiberon can boast a Celtic origin there is otherwise very little that links the Breton peninsula community with the one at the foot of the Allgäuer Alpen... Given Sankt Mang/Kempten/Quiberon's Celtic heritage there was an obvious temptation to select a Breton roots artist, and the responsible committee got stupidly overexcited when they discovered the band Ar Re Yaouank, established by two brothers from Quimper...

smow Song Contest 2017

...Kempten - Neurogami: We're not entirely sure how an avant-garde electronic musician from Scottsdale, Arizona, came to compose a tune about a town in southernmost Bavaria...

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