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A practical example of the FNP shelf system. With the FNP Moormann 4 offer a pre-configured version of the individually customisable FNP shelving system.


Product type Bookshelf
Dimensions Height: 223 cm
Width: 105,4 cm
Depth: 34 cm

Material thickness: MDF 16 mm, FU 15 mm
Material Unit side panels and shelves: MDF or FU (birch plywood)
Structural rails: Aluminium

Please Note: The colour of the MDF can vary somewhat depending on the origin. Such variations can also be visible after surface treatments such, for example. treating with wax. To avoid major colour differences, deliveries are, where possible, composed of components from the same production run. Note: FU (birch plywood) is a high quality, multiplex, industrially produced, film-coated material. Colour and structure variations, small scratches, and occasional bruising are possible!
Colours MDF classic
Red waxed
Brown waxed
Black waxed

MDF bicolor
Bicolor white black
Bicolor black black
Unicolor grey


Function & properties Tool-free assembly
Can be subsequently extended with further sides and shelves

Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,3 MB).

Delivery includes 4 side panels, 18 shelves, tension set
Care Light, superficial, blemishes of the untreated edges can be removed using a fine-grained sandpaper. The surface can be wiped with a soft cloth. If necessary, use lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent.
For waxed surface only use a dry soft cloth, never use a wet cloth!
Awards & museum interior innovation award cologne 2003 category: Classic Innovation
Sustainability The sustainability of Moormann products largely results from the use of natural materials and their processing into durable, often modular, products which offer the user the chance to adapt and modify them as required. For transporting and distribution an emphasis is placed on achieving small packing sizes and only using recycled / recyclable packaging material. Production of Moormann furniture is completed by regional workshops within a 40 km radius of the company headquarters in Aschau im Chiemgau.
Warranty 24 months
Product datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 8,8 MB).

Popular versions

FNP 4, MDF white
FNP 4, MDF black waxed
FNP 4, MDF black
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FNP 4, MDF brown waxed
FNP 4, MDF red waxed
FNP 4, Bicolor black
FNP 4, FU (plywood, birch) white
FNP 4, FU (plywood, birch) black
FNP 4, FU (plywood, birch) red
FNP 4, Unicolor grey
FNP 4, Bicolor white

Design Story

The Design

A pre-configured model of the FNP shelving system, the Moormann FNP 4 provides a standard version of the individually configurable FNP shelving system. Comprising 4 side panels, 18 shelves and a tensioning set the Moormann consists solely of vertical and horizontal components which are connected by aluminium rails; consequently the Moormann FNP shelving system is transparent, without compromising its stability. Because all components mutually stabilise, the tensioning cable allows the unit to be placed free-standing in any space. The FNP embodies the (in)famous Moormann spirit: the use of simple materials to create design reduced to the essential design that makes the hearts of design enthusiasts beat a little faster through its sophisticated functionality and contemporary aesthetic. The FNP shelf system was created by designer Axel Kufus in 1989 as part of a commission for a public survey undertaken in Berlin towards developing a local land-use planning, in German Flächennutzungsplan, or FNP. Moormann's Flächennutzungsplan distinguishes itself by a particularly flexible use of the available area. The pre-configured Moormann FNP 4 is available in the standard Moormann materials and colours, and although only those shelves which are not relevant to the static can be repositioned, the system offers enough flexibility to allow individual shelf heights ranging from 12 to 36 cm.

Moormann FNP Configurator in MDF bi-colour grey with black edge


Axel Kufus was born on 25 May 1958 in Essen and is one of the most important German industrial designers of his age. Following completion of a carpentry apprenticeship, he studied Industrial Design at the UdK Berlin before in 1988 he founded the design studio Werkstudio. Since then Axel Kufus has not only created numerous furniture design projects but has also been responsible for exhibition design, interior design and other product design projects. Axel Kufus' second professional pillar is teaching. From 1993 to 2003 he was professor of product design at the Bauhaus University Weimar, before in 2004 he moved to the UdK Berlin, where he currently serves as head of the Institute for Product and Process Design and the management team of the Graduate School for the Arts and Sciences. As a furniture designer in addition to the FNP Axel Kufus is also responsible for Moormann's Egal sideboard system and the Lader roll container.

Hotel Berge apartment with FNP

Moormann FNP


All components for the FNP shelving system are produced in Aschau, Bavaria, where Nils Holger Moormann has its base. And not just the components, more often than not the first prototype are also developed in Aschau before the final designs are manufactured by local companies on behalf of Moormann. In addition to the emphasis on the regional and further focus of the Moormann ethos is environmental sustainability. All wood that is used for the FNP 4, as with all Moormann wood products, comes from FSC-certified European forests, while the combination of different materials is carried out with the use of adhesives. An FNP shelf can therefore not only be easily recycled, it can assembled without tools. The shelf FNP is available with side panels and shelves made from MDF, MDF bi-colour and FU (birch plywood).

Axel Kufus, Designer of the FNP


In the portfolio from Nils Holger Moormann's the work of young designers are given a special prominence. As with Axel Kufus's FNP. Moormann's programme is characterised by clever design ideas with heart; and which partly come from the pen of the company's founder and self-taught designer Nils Holger Moormann. Since 1982 the former law student has revolutionised the furniture world and his eponymous company with its distinctively charming corporate image has evolved over the years into a true individualist in the industry. Through a deliberate rejection of mainstream fashions Moormann have established a portfolio of designer furniture which typifies and reflects the creativity, simplicity, courage and wilfulness of the company. Another unique feature of Nils Holger Moormann's is the hotel Berge. Located in the rural idyll of Aschau Moormann's design hotel is furnished almost exclusively with the company's own furniture and thus exudes an exclusive Moormann ambience while offering a genuine sense of comfort. Berge is run according to organic principles and is certified by the organisation Biohotels.

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