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Ulmer Hocker
Stool 60
Barcelona Stool
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Folding Stool Falter
Elephant Stool
Ulmer Hocker in Colour
Trifolium Stool
Georg Stool
Cutter Stool
Tom & Jerry - The Wild Bunch
Prince AHA
Rocking Chair Rocker
Herman Stool
Cork Family
RETROit Canvas Drum
Tabouret Solvay
Charles Ghost
Stepstool Mono
RETROit Cobana Drum Outdoor
Stool E60
Centro Stool / Side Table
Ox Stool
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Kevi 2532
Luxembourg Low Table/Footrest
Aluminium Group EA 125
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Slow Chair Ottoman
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Pouf Fat Tom
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HAL Ply Bar Stool
Lounge Chair Ottoman - White Version
LC8 Swivel Stool
S 35 NH All Seasons
About A Lounge Ottoman AAL 03
Munich Stool
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S 35 LH
Stool Little Tom
Rocket Stool
RETROit Medley Drum
Mammoth Ottoman
Pirkka Stool
SE 43
Womb Ottoman
Stone Metallic

One stool - countless applications

One of the most versatile pieces of seating furniture - and that since ancient times - is the stool. Widely used in the Middle Ages, the stool remains a particularly popular designer piece of furniture. Stools are particularly suitable as additional, practical seating: models such as the stackable, Scandinavian design classic, Stool 60 from Artek or the simple Ulmer Hocker from 1954 by Max Bill, which is distributed today by wb form and is quickly at hand when seats are tight and also ensure an upright posture.

Vitra Cork Family

Ulmer Hocker from WB Form

The multifunctionality of the stool

Stools are often used as a footrest and are regularity designed as a complement to matching armchairs: One of the most famous representatives being the Vitra Lounge Chair Ottoman, as a companion piece to the classic lounge chair by Charles and Ray Eames. The Vitra stool serves as a footrest for pure relaxation, or can be used as additional seating. Stools are also often re-designed to be in addition as a side table: decorative variants such as the Kartell stool Stone made of transparent, colored plastic can not only be moved easily, but also cleaned in an uncomplicated way. The Kartell Stool is a convenient bed, side table, yet feels just as home next to a sofa or anywhere else in the home. The material plays a particularly important role in the small side furniture. The simple forms of the Cork Family by Vitra, for example, depend on their materiality - the warm natural material cork.