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Mass Side Table

Roee Magdassi

Young designer Roee Magdassi manages the balancing act between traditions, contemporary art and minimalist architecture with his simple geometric and, at the same time, bold, graphic forms. The Tel Aviv-based product designer regards the relationship between people and furniture as one of the greatest challenges.

Since graduating with distinction from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2015, Roee Magdassi and his meticulously thought out and perfectionist designs have been numerous well-known design awards including the iF Award and the German Design Award. His ingenious designs put a smile on your face and fully fulfil the intention of designer Roee Magdassi.

With the pragmatic Mass side table for the Norwegian manufacturer Northern Magdassi succeeds in blurring the boundaries between everyday use and modern art allow. The side table fulfils its practical purpose almost futuristically and at the same time becomes a centrepiece.

Roee Magdassi created the Mass side table for Northern

Northern Mass Beistelltisch von Roee Magdassi