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Table Top for Eiermann Table Frames
Eiermann 2 Table Frame
Children's Table Eiermann
Eiermann 2 Dining Table
Height Extension (1 Set) for Eiermann Table Frames
Mounting Set for Eiermann Table Frames
Cable Trough for Eiermann Table Frames
Rubber Stoppers (1 Set) for Eiermann Table Frames
Levelling Feet for Eiermann Table Frames 1 + 2
Table Top Support for Eiermann 2 Table Frames
Industrial Castors for Eiermann Table Frames (Set of 4)
School Start Set: Children's Desk Eiermann + Chair + Container
CPU Holder for Eiermann Frames
Levelling Feet for Eiermann 3 Trestle
Fastening lug for Eiermann 3 Trestle - Set of 4

Richard Lampert

Richard Lampert is a furniture manufacturer in the 4th generation. His great-grandfather founded a joinery in the 1880s, which was successfully continued by the following generations. Richard Lampert originally worked for other furniture manufacturers before in 1993, establishing his own company in Stuttgart. Staring with re-issues of classics by Egon Eiermann or should-have-been classics by Herbert Hirche, but with his team he also discovers promising young designers. He always stays true to his motto and produces timeless, sustainable and high-quality design objects such as the Seesaw work chair or his figurehead, the variants of the Eiermann table: Eiermann 1, Egon Eiermann's legendary architect's table, and Eiermann 2, a modified version of the original Eiermann table frame. Richard Lampert and his team manage to offer classic and contemporary design at the same time and are still always good for a surprise.

His passion for the furniture trade lies is in his genes: designer and furniture producer Richard Lampert

Richard Lampert helped Eiermann's architect's table become a classic

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IMM Cologne 2019: High Five!!

...350 Chair by Herbert Hirche through Richard Lampert Among his many claims to fame Richard Lampert can be considered the re-discoverer of the ex-Bauhäusler Herbert Hirche... And, deliciously, in this year of all years, Richard Lampert re-introduces us all to another "lost" Hirche design, one which, very satisfyingly, doesn't employ any popular Bauhaus grammar, but which rather (more or less) demonstrates that a design education is about developing your understanding of and position to design rather than learning by rote any stylistic patois...

Der Stuhl des Architekten – Sitzmöbel von Egon Eiermann @ the Ungers Archiv für Architekturwissenschaft Cologne

...The proposition featured, in addition to a shelving system distributed today by Richard Lampert as the Eiermann Regal, three chairs: the SE 1, a metal and plywood height-adjustable office chair; the SE 2, a similar model intended for the kitchen; and the SE 3 a three legged, moulded plywood side chair...

smow Blog Interview: Patrick Frey - I find it unashamed that the furniture industry isn't prepared to pay young designers a discretionary payment for developing a project

...A graduate of the Hochschule Hannover, a city in which he continues to live and work, Patrick Frey has realised projects across a range of genres and for clients as varied as, and amongst many others, Nils Holger Moormann, Authentics, Sommerhouse Piu, Bree and Richard Lampert...

IMM Cologne 2017: High Five!!

...TT 54 by Paul Schneider-Esleben through Richard Lampert Designed in 1954 the TT 54 by Paul Schneider-Esleben is no new design... However that the furniture industry of 1950s Germany didn't see fit to produce it and thus allow 1950s Germans to buy it in large numbers, Stuttgart based manufacturer Richard Lampert can...

Orgatec Cologne 2016: Richard Lampert

...Back in February we spoke with Richard Lampert and he told us he was planning exhibiting at Orgatec... Orgatec Cologne 2016: Richard Lampert Established in Stuttgart in 1993 the first product in the Richard Lampert portfolio was Eiermann table frame, and thus, in many respects, the company began as an "office furniture" manufacturer...

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