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Caleo Pendant
Caleo Original Pendant

Rikke Frost

Rikke Frost's design portfolio reflects her multidisciplinary understandings: lighting, tables, chairs, sofas, children's being just as much a part of it as outdoor objects and home accessories. Her designs are exciting and often bold: for example, the Shingle dining table was created with a column base made of wood shingles and for the Stas series the designer combined macramé and solid wood with an endearing ease. Frost combines traditional handicrafts and classic materials with innovative production techniques and an extraordinary sense of modern design. During her training at the Aarhus School of Architecture, her focus was on industrial design, consequently Frost focuses on the comprehensive development process and the technical possibilities at the beginning of a design idea.

The Caleo Original lamp was created by Rikke Frost with cooperation partner Le Klint for the TV competition Denmark's next classic

The Sideways sofa was created with Carl Hansen & Søn in the TV show Denmark's Next Classic

"I believe that materials and their combination provide a tactile experience and are visibly and functionally unique."

For Rikke Frost, the visual and haptic experience is just as important as the functionality of a piece of furniture or a home accessory.

Fascinated by production methods and different materials, she tirelessly combines different components with one another, with the focus on Nordic minimalism.

Before Rikke Frost set up her own design studio she worked in London in purchasing and design at Heal & Son. After establishing her own design studio in 2004 she has been nominated for, and won multiple design awards, including the Danish Design Award, German Design Award and the Bolig Magasinets Design Award.

For the TV show “Danmarks næste klassiker”, Rikke Frost created a total of six different pieces of furniture in a contest with four other designers, with the aim of creating Denmark's next design classic, including the Sideways sofa, the aim of which was to promote dialogue by sitting opposite and whose production was undertaken by Carl Hansen & Søn.

With the natural wooden frame and paper cord, Rikke Frost emplyoed materials typical for Danish furniture manufacturer, albeit, which she merged into a modern, functional design.

Thus it should come as no surprise she claimed victory in that category.

For the lighting design category, Rikke Frost was able to win over the Danish lighting manufacturer Le Klint, the official purveyor to the court of the Danish royal family, whose traditional folding techniques made design history.

The highlight of the Caleo Original lies not only in its brilliant, sustainable paper folding technique, but also in its bronze fold lines. And last but not least, the “Radiohead ”, with which the Le Klint pendant lamp sets special accents whether on or off.

Rikke Frost impressed the jury and emerged as the overall winner of the TV competition, her "Denmark's next classics" created in the show thus became part of the collection of the Danish Design Museum in Copenhagen.

Rikke Frost with Le Klint CEO Kim W. Jensen and the Caleo lamp

Highlight of the Caleo lamp by Le Klint: the bronze fold lines of the sustainable paper lamp

The beautiful Caleo Original by Le Klint and Rikke Frost with its Radiohead as an defining characteristic

Danish design par excellence: Le Klint pendant lamp Caleo Original by Rikke Frost with Wishbone Chair from Carl Hansen & Søn