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Sit well with designer chairs by Vitra, Thonet & Co.

Living room with seating from Vitra

On average we spend about one third of our lives sitting down. At the desk, on the phone, in the restaurant or while eating at home, in the theatre, at lectures or conferences: Seating furniture is omnipresent in our everyday lives and beyond. Their function is so obvious that only a few rooms are conceivable without seating; however, sitting is not the same as seating, as shown by the range of different seating furniture and the wide differences in quality, a factor which in designer chairs, armchairs or sofas plays a major role.

Barcelona Collection from Knoll International

Seating that wrote design history

The smow portfolio is a representative illustration of the history of the modern, high-quality designer chair: From simple-functional all-purpose chairs such as the Serie 7 chair to exotic outdoor furniture such as the Tropicalia armchair, timeless design classics such as the Eames Lounge Chair or the Barcelona Armchair meet fresh new designs such as the Vitra Chair Tip Ton. One premise however unites all of these high quality seating furniture, be it armchairs, chairs or sofas: to sit well means to feel good!

Egg Chair and Swan Chair from Fritz Hansen, optimal comfort

Outdoor S 40 chair from Thonet

It's about the seating comfort!

All designer chairs reflect a demand for pleasurable sitting. In the case of designer sofas such as Cassina's LC2, this means above all comfort, and in the case of highly functional seating furniture such as an ID MeshVitra office swivel chair, it means healthy, ergonomic seating. ID Chair Designer Antonio Citterio used his experience in of office chair design in the creation of the Grand Repos lounge chair, realising a beautiful armchair that guarantees exceptional seating comfort thanks to the infinitely adjustable seating position and locking mechanism.

SoFi 75000 Mesh from Hag

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