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F51 Gropius Armchair

Walter Gropius

Nephew of the architect and Schinkel pupil Martin Gropius, Walter Gropis was born in 1883 in Berlin. Following a period of architectural studies at the age of 28 he became an independent architect and industrial designer and quickly set new standards in the field of architecture with his theories, reflections and works; which culminated in 1919 in the founding of the Bauhaus, an institution devoted to the development, dissemination and teaching of a completely new design approach. Gropius designed his director's room at the Weimar Bauhaus in accordance with the spirit of this new design, using a strictly cubic concept, and which included his own designs and designs by his colleagues and was complemented by his furniture designs. This furniture ensemble is now produced in Germany by Tecta, along established company and one specialising in Bauhaus furniture.

The F51 in Gropius's office at Bauhaus Weimar

Walter Gropius: Bauhaus Director, architect, industrial designer