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S 33 / S 34

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The S 33/S 34 was designed by Mart Stam and belongs to the product range of the German furniture manufacturer Thonet. Experimenting with industrial steel pipe brought the designer Mart Stam in the mid 20s ultimately to the idea of a curved frame combined with leather. The Thonet cantilever chair has fascinated customers and designers around the world ever since and is in addition characterised by its extreme comfort.


Product type Multi-purpose chair
Weight 7-8 kg
Colours Leather

Material Base: Chrome plated tubular steel
Seat and back: leather
Armrest tops: beech
Glides (optional): plastic, black
Variants Optionally available with armrests (S 34)
Optionally available with felt glides for hard floors
Function & properties Leather strapping can be tightened via a clamping bracket
Care Stained natural wood should not be exposed to steam or alcohol. When cleaning use only water, and only in small quantities - if possible only with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh abrasives or cleaning agents.

Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 4,8 MB).
Awards & museum Weissenhof-Siedlung Stuttgart
Certificates & Sustainability Thonet has declared sustainability to be a corporate principle. The manufacturer continuously optimizes all processes from production/technology, materials management and recyclability to transport routes and constantly pays attention to resource-saving energy and material consumption. Last but not least, social and ethical principles are among the top priorities. Thonet has been awarded the "Green Globe Certificate" for its measures of sustainable and environmentally friendly management - further information can be found here.
Warranty 24 months
Product family Thonet Cantilever Chairs
Datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,5 MB).
Product presentation

Popular versions

S 33 / S 34, Armrests black stained beech, Butt leather, Black, No glides
S 33 / S 34, Without armrests, Butt leather, Black, No glides
S 33 / S 34, Without armrests, Butt leather, Chocolate, No glides
S 33 / S 34, Armrests black stained beech, Butt leather, Chocolate, No glides
S 33 / S 34, Armrests natural stained beech, Butt leather, Chocolate, No glides
S 33 / S 34, Armrests natural stained beech, Butt leather, Black, No glides


Should the answers to your questions not be found here, our service team can be contacted Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm via +49 341 2222 88 22.

Is it possible to retrofit glides to an S 33/S 34?

A Thonet cantilever chair is specially produced to allow a retrofitting with plastic glides (transparent or black) with or without felt insert using the pre-punched drill holes, add an additional 11 mm to the overall height and cost 29,- EUR per set / chair.On older cantilever models produced before 2010, the Thonet frames were pre-punched as standard and the glides are installed as follows: With a 4.2 mm drill (available at any hardware store or as the special-hardened Thonet drill bits for Euro) bore holes in the marked locations. The felt pads can then be attached using the supplied self-tapping screws.

Is the S 33/S 34 suitable for outdoor use?

The Thonet cantilever chair S 33 / S 34 is not suitable for outdoor use. However, its counterpart S 33 N All Seasons and S 34 N All Seasons can be used indoors as well as in the garden or on the terrace.

Design Story

The Dutch designer and architect Mart Stam was a pioneer of modern furniture design. His experiments in the early 1920s with industrial pipes brought him in 1926 to the development of the S 33, the first cantilever chair. Mart Stam made a significant contribution not only to the Weissenhof Estate project in Stuttgart, but also aroused an international sensation. During his lifetime, Mart Stam worked not only at the Bauhaus Dessau, but also oversaw projects on virtually every continent, projects which continue to attract even new admirers. His genre defining cantilever chair is marketed today by the German manufacturer Thonet, and remains his most famous product - if only because the design and engineering possibilities and thinking to construct a chair without back legs was unknown before Stam developed them. The S 33 is distinguished thanks to its teetering structure through a sense of convenience and ease. The S 34 in turn provides with its armrests an additional level of comfort, and an even more solid seating position. Regardless of which one chooses, both Thonet chairs, thanks to their mix of timeless design and elegant materials, genuinely enliven and enrich any room.

Cantilever S 33 without armrests from Thonet

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IMM Cologne 2016: Thonet All Seasons Collection

...And that the All Seasons chairs can be used indoors and out is not just because the Thonet sales team tell you they can, but because the All Seasons collection presents new versions of the S 33, S 34, S 35 & S 533 chairs - established Thonet classics and all originally intended for indoor domestic use... The decision for the S 33, S 34, S 35 & S 533 was ultimately made on the basis that they are self-contained in their construction, with, for example, the S 32 the frame requires the wooden backrest for its stability, with the All Seasons collection we have exclusively steel tube chairs with a woven synthetic mesh for backrest and seat...

Celebrating 5 years (smow) online. Thonet join the party.....

...Browne - objects such as Mart Stam's S 43 cantilever chair and S 33 cantilever chair or Marcel Breuer's S 285 desk and B 9 stacking tables established themselves as popular classics...

Vitra, Thonet and the art of designer furniture

...Contrast that scene with what greeted us the other morning as we walked past a prominent office block complex here in Leipzig: two obvious copies of the S 33 by Mart Stam from Thonet in the rubbish bins So sad...

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In the next week or so we will be introducing here some of the new products from Thonet that are now available at But before we get that far, a small video below that explains something of the story of Thonet furniture and the production process...

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