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Eames Aluminium Chairs

Eames Aluminium Chairs from Vitra

The designers of the Vitra Aluminium Chairs, Charles and Ray Eames, are acknowledged masters of their trade and a guarantee for intelligent designs: the Eames Plastic Chairs and the legendary Lounge Chair, for example, are also by the two furniture designers. Originally developed for a house in Columbus, Indiana, which the architects Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard built in the mid-1950s, over the decades the Eames Aluminium chair has developed into a classic modern furniture design. Two spring-loaded aluminium strut braces carry the Aluminium Chair, which, thanks to its adjustable tilt mechanism,provides a very high level of seating comfort. The open design with net, fabric or leather upholstery creates a sleek silhouette which makes the Vitra chair an elegant office and conference chair. The flexibility and vitality of the fabric or leather nicely contrasting with the luster of the metal construction. With its innovative and intelligent combination of materials, the Eames Aluminium Chairs epitomises dynamism and flexibility while being masterly example of classic chair design. The aesthetic of the Vitra Eames Design has not lost its relevance since the fifties: the variants of the Vitra Aluminium Chairs remain absolute classics, and whether as office or conference chairs, but also in the lounge and living areas, the Eames chairs impress with their classic shape and sturdy construction. The Vitra Aluminium Chairs have been produced by Vitra since their conception. Charles and Ray Eames are both central pillars of the Vitra portfolio and also define the philosophy of the Swiss furniture manufacturer. Following the tradition of Ray and Charles Eames one of Vitra's most important principles is to guarantee the longevity of their products: all Aluminium Chairs come with a 30 year guarantee.

The Eames Aluminium Chairs originated in 1954, the year in which the architect Eero Saarinen was commissioned to build a house for the industrialist J. Irwin Miller and his wife Xenia. Designer and interior designer Alexander Girard was responsible for details and interior design; as the house was approaching completion in 1957, Girard visited his friend Charles Eames and complained to him that there was simply no quality outdoor furniture, consequently he could not find suitable chairs for the terraces of the modern Miller House. Charles and his wife Ray Eames soon began working with US furniture maker Herman Miller to develop a chair programme that would fill this gap.

The original Eames Aluminium Chairs from Vitra are also perfect at the kitchen or dining table

Chairs for indoors and outdoors should be the same, and so began the search for suitable materials. The two decided quickly for aluminium, as it is lightweight, water-resistant and plastically easy to shape. The result is a refined, novel construction of two elegantly curved, spring-loaded side braces made of aluminium, between which a free hanging textile seat and backrest is stretched.

Vitra provides a 30-year manufacturer's warranty on the high-quality aluminium parts of the Eames Aluminium Chairs

The narrower, shorter seat of the EA 103/104 allows a particularly upright posture

The designs were initially named "Leisure Group" or "Indooroutdoor Group". After gaining instant approval they have evolved into the "Eames Aluminium Group", a collection which includes dining chairs, office chairs, conference chairs, and lounge chairs. In 1958, the Miller family received their Aluminium Chairs for their new home in Columbus, Indiana: the Millers used their aluminium chairs on the terrace, while in the decades that followed, the aluminium chairs established themselves almost exclusively in the interiors of houses and offices.

Whether with the fabric Hopsak, elegant leather or airy mesh, the representative Vitra EA 107/108 is ideal for conference rooms

In 1959, a year after the Millers were able to inaugurate their chairs, Vitra brought the Aluminium Chairs to Europe. Apart from small improvements to adapt the chairs to today's technical requirements, the process that the Eames Office has developed for the production of its aluminium chairs continues to be used by Vitra to this day, and which helps ensures the quality and longevity of the original Vitra aluminium chairs. A trained Vitra expert needs an average of 40 minutes to assemble an Eames Aluminium Chair, on whose aluminium parts Vitra grants a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.

The easy-care Vitra leather is sturdy, dyed-through cowhide, which withstands high levels of stress and can also be used in the office

Whether in the designs of Jean Prouvé, Maarten van Severen or the Eames - at Vitra you get an original

Aluminium Chair Collection - Overview

The Vitra Aluminium Chairs have been employed for decades in both office and domestic spaces. All Eames Aluminium Chairs are characterised by their die-cast aluminium frame, which is available in a chrome plated or polished finish, and the fabric seat stretched between. Thanks to the choice of castors or glides, the Vitra chairs are not only mobile but can be adapted to an situation and any space. In addition to the various chair models with varying bases and backrests, with and without armrests and a choice of various fabric and leather covers, the Eames furniture collection from Vitra also offers two stools and a couch.

The adjustable backrest mechanism and the high backrest with cushions make the EA 124 a comfortable lounge variant of the Eames aluminium chairs

EA 101/EA 103/EA 104

All three are based on a four star base and are not height adjustable. In contrast to the models EA 105/EA 107 and EA 108, and are characterised by a narrower, more compact seat. The EA 101 is a non-swivel chair and has no armrests, the EA 103 is also non-swivel, however has armrests while the EA 104 swivels and has armrests. When selected with leather covers the backrest is in the fabric Plano, a leather backrest is possible at an extra charge.

EA 105/EA 107/EA 108

These versions are based on a non height-adjustable four star base. The EA 105 is neither swivel nor has armrests, the EA 107 is likewise not rotatable, but has armrests and the EA 108 is rotatable and has armrests. Height and seat are slightly greater than the smaller EA 101/EA 103/EA 104. When selected with leather covers the backrest is in the fabric Plano, a leather backrest is possible at an extra charge.

EA 117/EA 119

The EA 117 and EA 119 are mounted on a five star foot with castors which are available for hard or soft ground. Both are swivel, height adjustable and have an adjustable tilt mechanism, the EA 119 having a slightly higher backrest than the EA 117. When selected with leather covers the backrest is in the fabric Plano, a leather backrest is possible at an extra charge.

EA 116/EA 124/EA 125

These models all feature four star base and lean further backwards than the other vesrions. The EA 124 has armrests: The EA 124 has not a swivel function. It does however feature an adjustable tilt mechanism, is a little higher and can be perfectly combined with the EA 125 ottomann. When selected with leather covers the backrest is in the fabric Plano, a leather backrest is possible at an extra charge.

The Voluminous Successors: The Eames Soft Pad Chairs

The Vitra Soft Pad Chairs were launched in 1969, ten years after the aluminium chair. They are the same as the aluminium chairs in their shape and consist of the same two aluminium braces. In contrast to the Aluminium Chairs however the Eames Soft Pad Chairs are thanks to their soft seat cushions, much more voluminous. Suitable for home or office the Vitra chairs offer a high level of seating comfort.