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Plivello Pendant

Christian Troels

Designer Christian Troels

Christian Troels completed his master's degree in industrial design at Kolding School of Design and founded his own design studio in Odense in 2013.

Troels has extensive experience in various areas of product design, including futuristic electric cars, LEGO products, lamps and furniture. As an extremely versatile designer, he masters both the conceptual and the technical side of the design process. With his playful approach, he always strives to give each product distinctive features and personality.

Christian Troels is a "hands-on" designer: instead of relying solely on computer-aided designs, he attaches great importance to personally proving the quality of a design idea by producing prototypes. The lamp series Mutatio and Plivello were created for the Danish lamp manufacturer Le Klint.

Plivello lamp by Christian Troels

Plivello Pendant Ensemble by Christian Troels