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Pressed Chair
Strammer Max
Kampenwand Bench
Seat Pad for Pressed Chair
Langer Max

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Hallo Horst! Or, How, and why, the EW 1192 became Horst.......

As noted from the exhibition Der ungesehene Designklassiker at the Deutsches Stuhlbaumuseum, Rabenau, alongside the introduction, re-introduction, enabled to the EW 1192 by Horst Heyder, a work that was, in all probability, the most widely found, most widely...

Der ungesehene Designklassiker at the Deutsches Stuhlbaumuseum, Rabenau

Imagine you were one of the best selling and most widely used chairs in your country. But (hi)story had forgotten you. Imagine you were informative in context of elucidating important, but rarely illuminated, chapters in the (hi)story of furniture design. But...

Passagen Interior Design Week Cologne 2024: Beetlechair by Alexander von Dombois

There is an argument to be made, indeed one we will make here without offering any evidence, we'll save that for another day, there is an argument to be made that some of the earliest forbearers, if not the earliest forbearers, of our contemporary side chairs...

The Historia Supellexalis: "T" for Thonet

Thonet A Michael; A Twist; A Portfolio of Patents According to the Felsbilder of the Nymphs of Loreley, that most important of sources of information of the earliest (hi)story of the contemporary Rheinland, the Thonet arose in the community of Boppard, a...

Grassimesse 2023 Compact: Studio Machwerk

One of the joys of Grassimesse is that it has never been about big names and star turns, anyone and everyone can apply. All you have to do is convince the jury you deserve to be there. As newbies Studio Machwerk did. And did. Established in 2022 (possibly...

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