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Capisco Puls 8010
Capisco 8106

Peter Opsvik

The son of the furniture manufacturers Anne Ringstad and Nils Opsvik, Peter Opsvik was, all but predestined to pursue a career as a furniture designer. He began his studies at Statens Håndverk og Skole in Skole in Oslo, graduating in 1964, and following a subsequent course of study at the Folkwang School of Design Essen, Opsvik was employed until 1970 as a designer at the Tandberg Radio Factory before establishing his own studio. Currently Peter Opsvik trades as Peter Opsvik AS together with seven employees and from where they realise product designs commissions for leading furniture manufacturers, including, for example, the ergonomic office swivel chairs Capisco Puls 8010 and Capisco 8106 for the Scandinavian manufacturer Håg.

Designer Peter Opsvik