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Patricia Urquila

Patricia Urquiola (* 1961 in Oviedo/Spain) studied architecture at the Polytechnika in Madrid, and received her Diploma from the Milan Polytechnika in 1989; where she remained from 1990 to 1992 assisting in the courses held by Achille Castiglioni and Eugenio Eettinelli. In 1991 she started working for the furniture company De Padova in Milan, heading the product development office. It was during this period that she created her first own designs. In 1993 she opened an associated studio with two friends, working on architecture, interiors, showrooms and restaurants. One of the shooting stars of European design Patricia Urquiola has worked with companies such as Agape, Alessi and Kartell - for whom she created the table T-Table.

Patricia Urquila

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..."Patricia Urquiola und Rosenthal... The last cooperation, released in 2008, is/was the Landscape collection by Milan based Patricia Urquiola, a collection that in addition to porcelain objects with a 3D relief also includes glassware, cutlery and textiles - an exploration of the table service as an organic domestic landscape as it were...

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