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Fritz Hansen

Egg Chair, Re-wool, 108 - Off white / natural, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool

by Arne Jacobsen, 1958 — from 7.198,00 €
Fritz Hansen Egg Chair

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Egg Chair Re-wool|108 - Off white / natural|Satin polished aluminium|With footstool

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Fritz Hansen produces the vivid, flowing Egg lounge chair by Arne Jacobsen, a work created together with the Swan chair for the lobby of the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen, from high quality materials and in a choice of fabric or leather upholstery. The technology to create a robust plastic shell with cold foam and which provided maximum seating comfort was in those days new and continues to allow for the impressive and iconic form of the Jacobsen classic.


Product type Lounge chair
Weight Chair: 20 kg
Footstool: 4,5 kg
Colours Leather Grace

Leather Essential





Material Cover leather: Essential or Grace
Cover fabric:
Hallingdal (70 % pure wool, 30 % viscose),
Divina (100 % wool),
Christianshavn (85 % Wools of New Zealand, 15 % polyamide),
Re-wool (45 % recycled wool, 45 % virgin wool/worsted, 10 nylon),
Shell: plastic padded with cold foam
Star base-base: aluminum, satin polished or black lacquered
Variants Also available as Egg Chair Anniversary Edition
Function & properties Chair: tilting and swivel
Delivery includes 1 Lounge chair optionally with or without footstool
Care Fabric For regular care vacuuming is sufficient. Remove fresh stains immediately with an absorbent, lint-free sponge. For difficult stains: Dry dirt can be gently brushed with a soft brush. Depending on the stain substance solvents may be necessary, in such cases consult a specialist (never use solvent-based cleaning products without specialist advice!).

Leather Leather furniture should be treated once or twice a year with a specialist leather care products. Superficial dirt can be removed with a damp cloth, taking care not soak the leather or exert excessive pressure. For cleaning we recommend special leather cleaners in either foam or liquid form. Please do not use the aggressive agents such as stain removers, turpentine, shoe polish, etc.

Sustainability Fritz Hansen conforms to the following environmental certification:
PEFC Chain of Custody
FSC® Chain of Custody
Warranty 5 year warranty on manufacturing defects

Register your armchair and take advantage of an extended warranty. To qualify you must register your chair within 3 months of the date of purchase, once registered FritZ Hasen guarantee teh follwoing warranties:
5 years on tilt function, swivel function, automatic return mechanism, fabric and basic leather
10 years on frame, shell, classic leather

Ordinary wear and tear are excluded from the warranty!
Accessories Egg footstool also available separately
Datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,8 MB).
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Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Black, Black, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Walnut, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Walnut, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1131 - Orange/Red, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Black, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Walnut, Black, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1131 - Orange/Red, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Black, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Walnut, Black, With footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Black, Black, With footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Grace, Walnut, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Re-wool, 108 - Off white / natural, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
Egg Chair, Re-wool, 868 - Light aqua / natural, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1170 - Light Grey Uni, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1130 - Light Red Uni, Satin polished aluminium, With footstool
Egg Chair, Re-wool, 198 - Black/natural, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1171 - Light Grey, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Re-wool, 768 - Natural / light blue, Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool
Egg Chair, Leather Essential, Light grey, Black, With footstool
Egg Chair, Christianshavn, Christianshavn 1174 - Dark Grey , Satin polished aluminium, Without footstool

Design Story


The Egg Chair, designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1957, owes its name to its organically shaped seat, reminiscent as it is of a semi-open egg. Thanks to its generous seat the user can employ a variety of sitting positions and always benefit from the chairs considered design. The Fritz Hansen Egg is no coincidental product, much like the Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair it was designed for the lobby of Jacobsen's SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. The aim of the project was to use the furniture to create an inviting, relaxed, intimate and at the same time sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere: Arne Jacobsen found a more than adequate response to this challenge with the harmonious, aesthetic Egg Chair, a lounge chair, backrest, headrest and armrests as if cast as one body. The Fritz Hansen Egg is today one of the absolute classics of design history and owing to its status is regularly to be found in luxury hotels, company headquarters as well as in films and advertising campaigns.

Egg Chair from Fritz Hansen

Scandinavian design: Egg, Swan and Artichoke pendant lamp


The first prototypes of the Egg Chair as produced today by Fritz Hansen were created by Arne Jacobsen in his garage: the designer experimented with plaster and plastic in the search for a process for the production of sculptural and organic forms. The frame of the chair is made of steel, while the seat is made of fibreglass reinforced polyurethane foam. The cover, which was originally made of leather and is now available in different fabrics, has to be adapted to the furniture with such high precision that only qualified employees are allowed to do the job. Due to the complex manufacturing process, taking into account traditional craftsmanship, only six to seven egg chairs can be produced per week, which emphasizes the unique character of the piece of furniture. For even greater comfort, the original Jacobsen armchair includes a seat cushion. In addition, the Fritz Hansen Egg Chair has an integrated rocking mechanism, by means of which the seat can be tilted. As a certificate of authenticity, a serial number is stamped in the base.


Arne Jacobsen was born in 1902 in the Danish capital Copenhagen and is considered one of the most important protagonists in the history of furniture design. The designer and architect studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he graduated in 1927 and opened his own studio in 1930. Through his avant-garde furniture and interior projects Jacobsen gained great prominence, but also his activities as an architect, decorator, industrial designer, upholsterer or ceramist characterized him. For his ideas and designs Arne Jacobsen acquired the nickname "the Danish Le Corbusier". Among Jacobsen's most notable furniture projects one could list, and amongst many others, the Ant and the Series 7 - the best-selling and most-copied chair in the world. Jacobsen's designs for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, including the design classics Egg Chair and Swan Chair, can be seen as a turning point in design history. Arne Jacobsen died on March 24, 1971 in his home town. To this day, numerous Jacobsen design classics have been added to the collection of the renowned Vitra Design Museum near Basel in Switzerland in his honour.

Historical Context

Between 1958 and 1960, one of Arne Jacobsen's most important projects was realised: the famous Royal Radisson SAS Hotel in Copenhagen. With the vision of a global design, the building has been designed from architecture to interior design as a unity. From the Fritz Hansen Swan Chairs, who enchant with their pop-modern design of the 1960s, over stylish textiles, lighting with AJ lamps right down to the cutlery, everything has been thought through to the last detail in order to create a harmonious overall picture. The result is a building with an interior-exterior contrast between the curved and enveloping furniture and the horizontal and vertical lines of the hotel building. As far as the interior is concerned, all colours, lines and shapes form a coherent and harmonious whole. Although the Royal SAS Hotel has been renovated since its inception, Room 606 has been preserved in its original condition. Danish design, which also includes contributions by Hans J. Wegner and Poul Henningsen is associated with an organic, natural design language and is still very popular today. The Egg armchair represents Arne Jacobsen's work, which laid the foundation for modern, organic Scandinavian design. Almost fifty years after the development of the Egg Chairs, the armchair remains contemporary and represents a simple yet sophisticated, cosmopolitan and functional design. Consequently it is not surprising that the Egg is regularly seen in films or commercials.


The carpenter Fritz Hansen opened his first workshop in Copenhagen in 1872 and started selling his own furniture in 1885, which proved to be extremely successful and allowed the company to expand. In the course of the long company history cooperations have been established with numerous renowned designers, whereby the cooperation with Arne Jacobsen turned out to be most fruitful, greatly influencing the design of the 1950s, especially with his Series 7 chairs. Thanks to Jacobsen Fritz Hansen quickly gained notoriety beyond the borders of Denmark. Naturally inspired shapes and the quality of seating have always been the focus of the manufacturer's work. Contemporary models such as the Ro armchair confirm this. Since 1958 until today Fritz Hansen is the only manufacturer of many of Arne Jacobsen's chairs including the Egg Footstool, which complements the Egg Chair in its organic form.

Fritz Hansen Egg Chair with ottoman

Fritz Hansen designer furniture

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