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USM Haller

USM Haller Wardrobe Model I

by Fritz Haller & Paul Schärer — 4.263,00 €
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4.263,00 € *
available within 8-12 weeks
3% advance payment discount*: 4.135,11 € (Save 127,89 €)

The chic and functional USM Haller Wardrobe Model I leaves no space requirements open. The combination of open and closed compartments, drawers and hanging rail allows the storage of garments of all types.

Important Information: This unit type is particularly bulky/heavy. Only in exceptional cases, where the local conditions on site allow it, it can be delivered fully assembled. If this is not possible, it will be delivered partially assembled and the final assembly undertaken on site. This service is only bookable in Germany for an additional charge (149, - EUR basic price + 2% of the value of goods). If you decide to have the object delivered completely assembled by standard delivery service, please pay close attention to the weight of the object


Product type Wardrobe
Dimensions Overall: H 179 x L 128 x D 53 cm
Ball centre to ball centre: H 175 + 4 x L 125 x D 50 cm
Weight 125 kg

Colour chart Request a USM Haller Colour Fan
Material Panels: Metal, powder coated
Structure: Steel, chrome plated
Ball: Brass, chrome plated
Function & properties 1 Kleiderstange für Kleiderbügel
2 Klapptüren untere Fächer
1 Einschubtür oben links
2 Ausziehtüren mit Einlegerahmen rechts

1 rail for hangers
2 drop-down doors, lower compartments
1 extension door, top left
2 extension doors with insert frame, right
Museums Permanent collection MoMA, New York
Care Chrome plated, powder coated and glass elements should be cleaned with a damp, light cloth and subsequently dried.
Stubborn stains can be cleaned with glass cleaner or water mixed with ethanol in a ratio of 10:1
Certificates Inflammable class 1 (DIN 4102)
GREENGUARD - Indoor Air Quality
LEED "Green Directive"
Warranty 24 months
Product family USM Haller Clothes Racks
Product brochure Please click on the picture for detailed information (ca. 8,7 MB).

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Design Story

The Design

With the USM modular furniture system a wide range of furniture objects can be constructed from three basic elements: metal tubes form the framework, chrome plated brass balls act as the connection points and metal or glass panels used provide decoration and cladding. The spectrum of possible configurations ranges from simple shelving constructions such as the popular USM Haller Sideboards, over tables and roll containers all the way up to to modern wardrobes. Originally, the architect Fritz Haller developed the USM furniture in the 1960s as office furniture for the new USM administrative building; however with the first large order, in 1969 for the Rothschild Bank in Paris, series production began. And thus the USM Haller success story that continues to this day. Characteristic of USM Haller shelving is its modular character and minimalist design. And the classically elegant effect created by the different surfaces and the clearly defined structure.


The architect Fritz Haller was born in Solothurn, Switzerland, in 1924 and designed a wide range functionalist buildings, such as schools, workshops and office buildings. In 1961, then USM CEO Paul Schärer commissioned Fritz Haller with the construction of new manufacturing and administration buildings, a commission for which the architect subsequently designed the USM office furniture as a complementary interior design. This is Haller's only furniture design and has become his most famous work and his modular shelving system has not only received numerous prizes but in 2001 was added to the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Fritz Haller died in 2012 in his native Switzerland.

Schuhregal: USM realises complete furnishing solutions for shops


The USM Haller wardrobe is the result of a long history: In 1885, Paul Schärer's ancestor Ulrich Schärer founded USM as a metalworking shop and hardware store in the Swiss town of Münsingen near Bern. With the production of window closures and the introduction of general metal and sheet metal processing in the first half of the twentieth century, the business not only expanded but the conditions for the production of the shelving system by Fritz Haller were laid. Since 1969, the furniture produced in series in Münsingen; since 1988, the furniture has been protected by copyright and was classified as a work of applied art in a judicial procedure. With showrooms from Tokyo to New York, USM has made a name for itself worldwide and now focuses exclusively on the manufacture and development of USM Haller furniture.. So ist z.B. seit 2017 die Integration von Licht- und Stromversorgungselementen in USM Haller Regalen möglich: for example, in 2017 USM launched the integration of light and power supply elements into USM Haller units.

Clear defined design also for living spaces: USM wardrobes


The USM Haller shelves, which were developed in the 1960s in Münsingen, Switzerland, and all the basic USM building blocks are still produced there, and the metal trays are powder coated in the 14 USM colors USM. The final assebly for the German market takes place in Leipzig: the transport of individual parts is space-saving and thus ecologically more meaningful, however, the company also fulfills its ecological responsibility in other ways. All production processes are justifiable from the point of view of environmental protection, the concentration on a singl production site reduces the CO2 emissions through transport routes and last but not least the high quality and flexibility of the USM furniture system bequeath the objects a very long life. In addition, the USM furniture has been awarded the Greenguard Indoor Quality Certificate, which guarantees low-emission products and thus a healthier indoor climate.

Historical Context

Fritz Haller developed his modular furniture system, as