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The Skagerak Design Team

The Danish label Skagerak has stood for high-quality garden furniture since 1976: residential accessories with Nordic flair. The family-run company cooperates with a large number of designers - both a established and establishing. Skagerak has always had strong historical ties to the city of Skagen on the northern tip of Denmark and the Skagerak - the sea that surrounds the town, which is reflected in the maritime look of the products. Skagerak is always striving to produce responsibly and in a resource-conserving manner. The manufacturer's goal: "Designed for Generations"! Skagerak not only wants to create designer furniture and accessories that last several generations, but also takes care of future generations with regard to all decisions and priorities, from the cultivation of timber to recycling and surface treatment. Thereby, timeless design is important. The more timeless a piece of furniture or accessory is, the less the need to replace it with something new. It is new. "It makes a considerable difference whether a piece of furniture lasts for 20 years or whether over the course of that 20 years it is replaced four or five times. And the less often change is made, the lower the burden on natural resources, as well as the environmental impact of production and disposal." The Skagerak design team now consists of a multitude of talents with different competences, well-known team members including, for example, Mogens Holmriis, Niels Hvass, and the design trio VE2.