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Row Rug

Studio Terhedebrügge

Sisters Antonia and Silvia Terhedebrügge decided to conquer the design world together when they were still in their sand pit. Based in Berlin with their jointly founded interdisciplinary studio Terhedebrügge, they develop of visual communication and the product design projects in numerous fields. The partly stringent, partly playful and always inspiring interior design of the two sisters includes a varied spectrum of original furniture and living accessories, from dining tables, over shelving and cupboard systems to artistic lights and candle holders, all of which manifest the creative creativity of the designers. For the Norwegian label Northern, Antonia and Silvia Terhedebrügge created the imaginative Row Carpets, whose parallel lines are inspired by a bird's eye view of a landscape, and which only reveal their colourful threads on closer inspection allowing them to express themselves in rich natural tones that are so typical of modern Scandinavian design.