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Sebastian Jørgensen

Sebastian Jørgensen is a trained carpenter and furniture maker, and one of the co-founders of We Do Wood, alongside Henrik Thygesen. The design company has made it its task to link traditional Danish design with sustainable materials, which means tables, chairs, and shelving systems made of bamboo - one of the fastest growing woody plants on the planet. According to the motto "Ethics and aesthetics must go hand in hand", Jørgensen's designs are not only sustainable and long-lasting, but also characterised by clear, geometric lines that, according to the Dane, are self-explanatory. To achieve this, he quickly converts his sketches into prototypes, which are subsequently reworked until they contain no superfluous details. For example his Shoe Rack, a shelf consisting only of one holder and two bamboo rods, or the Scoreboard, a coat rack with 12 flexible hooks.