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Reveal Pendant lamp

Designer Silje Nesdal

Silje Nesdal

Designer Silje Nesdal grew up in the western fjords of Norway, a region known for its traditional wool, wood and furniture industries. In addition to furniture design and interior design in Bergen and Helsinki, Silje Nesdal also studied textile design in Oslo; and today, the designer combines these disciplines in an interdisciplinary approach: one where selected fabrics meet high-quality wood, which is the dominant element of her creations. Silje Nesdal's products stand for nature, sustainability and unobtrusive aesthetics, and in realising such Silje Nesdal incorporates the impressions of international travel and the experiences she has gained in the fashion and furniture industry in Japan into her creations. In 2015, she won the "Newcomer of the Year" award at the Design Awards of the Norwegian magazine Bo Bedre. Inspired by traditional craftsmanship and new techniques, extraordinary pieces are created: the Reveal Pendant Lamp, whose uniqueness the Norwegian manufacturer Northern took into mass production, consists of a mouth-blown glass ball, which is carried by a fluorescent tube. Each lamp is unique and combines past tradition with the contemporary clarity of Scandinavian design.