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Stefan Diez

For the industrial designer Stefan Diez the focus is the family, which is why he now works in the back building of his family home in Munich - a space lovingly called the laboratory. Having completed a carpentry apprenticeship and an architecture course he spent a year in India, where he designed furniture and thus perfected his craftsmanship. From 1996 to 2002 Diez studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and, parallel, was assistant to his great role model Richard Sapper in 1998. After studying, Stefan Diez worked for two years with designer Konstantin Grcic in Munich before starting to create furniture, cutlery and accessories - often together with his jewellery designer wife Saskia. As a furniture designer Stefan Diez has realised designs for brands as diverse as Rosenthal, Authentics, Moroso, Bree & Thonet and is the recipient of several design prizes. With the aid of his small team Stefan Diez realises products which are not just visually beautiful, but also technically optimised: with, for example, his chair Chassis made of ultra-thin sheet steel, he utilised the manufacturing techniques of the automotive industry while his New Order shelving system does not require a single screw.

Designer Stefan Diez

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Chairs: Dieckmann! The Forgotten Bauhäusler Erich Dieckmann at Neuwerk 11, Halle

...allows one to approach Erich Dieckmann, his work and his contribution to the (hi)story of furniture design via three platforms: on the one hand a (German only) film in which the actor Bibiana Beglau reads from archive documents and Stefan Diez and Rudolf Horn, thus a designer of a younger generation and one of an older generation, and one from Germany West and one from German East, discuss Dieckmann and his work, his legacy, his relevance...

Full House: Design by Stefan Diez @ The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne. Reprise

...When we first viewed the exhibition Full House: Design by Stefan Diez at The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne, it was was still being assembled... Presenting a review of the past 15 years of Diez Office, Full House explores Stefan Diez's work through a focus on the development of 26 selected projects, and in doing so illuminates not only how Stefan Diez works but also his relationship to materials and processes...

Full House: Design by Stefan Diez @ The Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne

...With the exhibition Full House: Design by Stefan Diez the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne, MAKK, present the first museal overview of the canon of the German designer Stefan Diez... Full House: Design by Stefan Diez Born in 1971 into a established carpentry dynasty in Freising near Munich, Stefan Diez initially completed a carpentry apprenticeship in Stuttgart before moving on to study Industrial Design at the Staatliche Akademie der Künste in Stuttgart: studies supported by periods assisting first Richard Sapper and later Konstantin Grcic...

5 New Design Exhibitions for January 2017

...Design by Stefan Diez" at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Cologne, Germany Over the past fifteen years Munich based designer Stefan Diez has quietly established himself as one of the leading furniture designers of his generation: cooperations with companies such as Thonet, e15, Wilkhahn or HAY confirming not only his understanding of the poetics of form but for all his reputation as a designer continually on the search for new, logical, construction and functional solutions... In the first major retrospective of Stefan Diez's work the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Cologne, MAKK, promise not only an overview of Stefan Diez's output from the past 15 years, but also an exploration of Diez's creative and development processes as demonstrated through both established products and also through new, forthcoming, projects: and thus promises an exhibition which not only gets closer to Stefan Diez the designer, but which also charts the evolution of Stefan Diez the designer over the past decade and a half...

smow blog compact Milan 2016 special: HAY

...Elsewhere the modular New Order system by Stefan Diez continues to impress us as much as it ever has, and frankly always will, we simply cannot imagine a time when it doesn’t excite us, while the Bouroullec’s new outdoor Palissade collection offers everything it promised...

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