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Santorini Lamp with Wall Hook
Santorini Pendant Lamp

Sputnik Estudio

Sputnik Estudio are Majo Fernández, María de la O Reyna, María Salar, and Borja Sepulcre: four former classmates united by the love of good design. In their studio in Valencia, they have set themselves the goal of reinterpreting everyday objects in such a fashion that they are optimally tailored to the customer. For example, the Santorini lamp has been developed in collaboration with Marset, and can be used not only as a pendant or wall light, but also as a floor lamp or ceiling light. The designs of the team are characterised by clear lines, strong shapes, and the use of sustainable materials such as wood or crystals.

Majo Fernández, María de la O Reyna, María Salai und Borje Sepulcre, a.k.a. Sputnik Estudio