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Discocó Pendant Lamp
Bicoca Table Lamp
FollowMe Table Lamp
FollowMe Plus Table Lamp
Theia Floor Lamp
Polo Standing Lamp
Ginger Wall Lamp
Scantling Table Lamp
Scantling Standing Lamp
Santorini Lamp with Wall Hook
Polo Table Lamp
Theia Table Lamp
Ginger Standing Lamp
Ginger Pendant Lamp
Pleat Box Pendant Light
Concentric Wall Lamp
Ginger Table Lamp
Santorini Pendant Lamp


The Spanish design company Marset was founded in Barcelona in 1965 and combines decades of experience with high quality of the materials and a focus on functionality. Marset lamps are currently marketed in more than 40 countries - testament to the fact that the high-quality craftsmanship in its light design has remained the company's most important asset. As a manufacturer, Marset is continually focused on finding refined lighting solutions with experts from around the world, including the likes of Joan Gaspar, Harri Koskinen or Christophe Mathieu.

Santorini lamp from Marset

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official Marset trading partner.