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S 333 Sledge
Special Edition

Holger Lange

Designer Holger Lange

Born in Willingen in 1967 Holger Lange is a designer and interior architect who has a wealth of experience and particular expertise in the field of product design. After a craft training he studied interior design and worked for numerous companies in the field of product development from the 1990s; under Lange's leadership over 200 development projects were implemented at well-known manufacturers such as Möller Design, Bulthaup, deSede, Thonet or Dedon.

In 2003, Lange founded his design studio Langeatelier in order to increasingly devote himself to his own ideas. With a lot of enthusiasm and curiosity, Lange develops innovative designs that are inspired by the design principles of the Bauhaus and the design of Scandinavian modernism. The best example is the S 333 sled for Thonet: What was intended as a spontaneous Christmas present for his daughter developed into a sophisticated sled design that makes use of the principle of the Bauhaus cantilever chair.

However, on account of the very positive reception Thonet decided to mass-produce the S333 sled and in 2007 Holger Lange received the renowned IF Award for product design for his innovative Thonet sledge.

On the occasion of the 20th smow anniversary the S 333 as a limited new edition, which is only available exclusively from smow has been equipped with a smow drawing strapand Thonet logo as well as a weatherproof seat harness. Thus nothing stands in the way of having fun on the slopes.

S 333 Special Edition

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