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Hans Bunde

The passion of architect and designer Hans Bunde, born in Denmark in 1919, lay primarily in silversmithing: having trained with the Cohr Silver Commission he created numerous pieces, including simple, elegant kitchen and home accessories such as vases, bowls, water jugs and coffee sets for Cohr Manufaktur, a company known for its particularly high-value silver products. In the 1950s, he served as head designer at Cohr, influencing not only the company but other designers; the pronounced influence of Wiwen Nilsson, the then jeweller of the royal family, is unmistakable in his creations. In 1954, Bunde designed the elegant Penguin figures outside his actual profession - one each for his two sisters. Just like his pieces of silver they revel in a sweeping lightness and the clean lines of Scandinavian design. Today, the Penguin figures, as well as the stoic Discus wood parrots are produced by Architectmade as a re-edition and bring a pleasing ambience to any space.

Wooden Penguin figures by designer Hans Bunde