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Optimist & Pessimist
Duck & Duckling

Hans Bølling

Just as architect Fritz Haller is popularly associated only with his functional system USM modular furniture, so too is the Danish architect Hans Bølling popularly associated with one product - his wooden figures. Born in 1931 Hans Bølling initially studied at an arts and crafts school, before moving on to study architecture at the Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts. As a young architect Hans Bølling began carving small figurines as gifts for friends and relatives; and did so with such a lovingness and honesty that bestowed figures such as Duck & Duckling or Optimist & Pessimist a personality and endearing charm that they soon became an unexpected international success. Today Hans Bølling's decorative figures are produced by hand by Danish manufacturer Architectmade with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship with which Hans Bølling created his originals. The loving accessories effortlessly complement any interior design and serve as beautiful additions for any and all living area. And not just his figurines brighten up the day: with his humour and inventiveness Hans Bølling personally brings a regular breath of fresh air and inspiration to the Architectmade offices in Århusgade in Copenhagen.

The Architectmade wood figures Duck & Duckling by Hans Bølling

Designer Hans Bølling