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Pressed Chair

Harry Thaler

The young London-based designer Harry Thaler enjoys taking his playful, innovative designs beyond the realm of just clearly defined products. Sometimes as functional and poetic interventions in space and everyday life, sometimes defined by their sculptural character, as a trained goldsmith and skilled craftsman, Harry Thaler has the vision and talent to combine the conventional with the unconventional. For Nils Holger Moormann, Harry Thaler developed the lightweight, stackable Pressed Chair, for which he was awarded the 2010 Conran Award.

Designer Harry Thaler

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Object. Limited Edition Design at MIART Milan 2013

...Bond who was represented in Milan with objects from his Hexagonal Pixel Vases collection and Harry Thaler with his Silk Lamps and, the literally just completed, Silk Table - objects that combine the banal with the truly sublime, namely San Leucio silk, to create everyday objects that are anything but...

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler for Moormann. The Film.

...If there is a chair on the market at the moment that better symbolises how complex simplicity in design is than Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler for Moormann... Then ahead of Milan 2012 Harry Thaler then told us about the long way from the original experiments with wood until he had the concept that won Nils' heart...

Milan 2012: Harry Thaler. Pressed Chair, Moormann and Me.

...At Milan 2011 Moormann presented the prototype of Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler... And so to complete the story, ahead of Milan 2012 we caught up with Harry Thaler in his London studio to learn more about both him and the background to Pressed Chair...

Design Symposium: Warum Gestalten ? @ HFBK Hamburg

...In a similar context, one of Andrej Kupetz's illustrations for a weightless world was Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler through Moormann...

Nils Holger Moormann: "Furniture needs time. It must be refined and gradually perfected."

...I find the material very interesting and we were introduced to a piece called Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler, a young Südtiroler who studied in London, that fascinates not only me but the whole company - although we all know that the risk involved is gargantuan...

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