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Herman Stool
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Herman Studio

Since 2011 Jonas Herman Pedersen and Helle Herman Mortensen have operated as Herman Studio in Aarhus. With a focus on furniture and interior design, the two are constantly researching and working on new designs and ideas; they go through a repetitive process with sketches, models and prototypes meaning the development is therefore very practice-oriented, and so the workshop is not in vain an integral part of the studio. The division of labour is quite classic in the Herman Studio: Jonas' focus is on all craftsmanship and practical issues, while Helle focuses on the framework of a project, concepts, textiles, colours and graphics. In addition to tables and seating for the Danish manufacturer Skagerak, Herman Studio have also created designs for furniture manufacturers such as Andersen and Ferm Living.

Herman Studio, a.k.a. Jonas Herman and Helle Herman Mortensen