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Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius (* 1963 in de Meern/Netherlands) studied design at the Industrial Design Academy in Eindhoven. She subsequently attracted international attention through her work for the Dutch design label Droog Design. She taught at the Design Academy in Eindhoven from 1998-99, serving as head of the department Living/Atelier from 2000-04. In 2000 she founded the design studio JongeriusLab in Rotterdam, where she creates, produced and markets many of her designs - primarily dishware, vases, textiles and furnishings. Hella Jongerius' work often blurs the borders between design and handicrafts, or art and technology. In 2002 Hella Jongerius created the range Repeat for the taxied producer Maharam, which in 2005 was admitted to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Hella Jongerius, together with Eames Office and Vitra, reworked the classic Eames Lounge Chair to create Lounge Chair White. Along with Jasper Morrison and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Hella Jongerius has made major contributions to the steadily growing Vitra Home Collection.

2004 Createur de l'annee 2004, France
2003 Rotterdam Design Prize for Repeat (NL)

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The Historia Supellexalis: “J” for Jongerius

Jongerius A Hella; A Lab; An Open-ended exploration As the ancient scribe Oranje Tulpenbol of Old Amsterdam records in his letters to the Rotter Dam aan Maas, the contemporary Jongerius is largely a consequence of the contributions of a Jongerian universally...

Design. Colour. Theory.: Hella Jongerius - I don't have a favourite colour

...As the title of Hella Jongerius's 2016 book I don't have a favourite colour succinctly explains, Hella Jongerius doesn't have a favourite colour... Not that Hella Jongerius is indifferent about colours...

5 New Architecture & Design Exhibitions for April 2021

..."Hella Jongerius: Woven Cosmos" at the Gropius Bau, Berlin, Germany For all that the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius is known for objects, a, the, larger component of her work is concerned with experimentation and exploration of and with colours, materials and/or production processes, and on reflections on both the relationships between objects, spaces, users and wider social, cultural, environmental, economic et al systems as well the realities of contemporary production, and the possibilities of future alternatives... Considerations Hella Jongerius will undertake in context of Woven Cosmos, and as the title implies, via weaving; not only one of the oldest craft production process, nor only one of the production processes most closely related to the development of our global societies, but a process which, despite appearing to be very much as it always has been, is a process which over the centuries has not only continually evolved and diversified but has continually found itself in ever new contexts, and thus has not only accompanied the development of our global societies but mirrored them...

Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg – Beyond the New @ Die Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum, Munich

...The exhibition Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg – Beyond the New at Die Neue Sammlung Munich poses a lot of questions... In 2015 Dutch designer Hella Jongerius and Dutch design theorist Louise Schouwenberg published Beyond the New, a Manifesto in which they questioned contemporary design's "obsession with the New for the sake of the New" and challenged designers to "take the lead in a much-needed change of mentality" In 2016 there followed the showcase A Search Behind Appearances for and with Serpentine Galleries, a series of mechanical installations through which they sought to explore the potential of design, to celebrate rather than criticise, while at the same time questioning contemporary design, the contemporary design industry and the contemporary designer...

Breathing Colour by Hella Jongerius at the Design Museum, London

...With the exhibition Breathing Colour at the Design Museum London the Dutch designer Hella Jongerius encourages us to sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow new... A fourth section compliments this fundamental exploration of colour through a presentation explaining the nature and process of Hella Jongerius's colour research...

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