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Hans J. Wegner

"Our philosophy was to make the processes no more complicated than necessary, but also to show what can achieve with our hands. We also wanted fill each piece with life so that it appeared quite natural." So described Hans J. Wegner (1914-2007), one of the most influential designers from Denmark, the ideals of his generation - ideals which post WW2 helped move Scandinavia furniture designs in to the focus of the design world. Wegner himself trained as a carpenter before studying from 1936 at the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen, where from 1946-53 he also taught furniture design. In addition designing cutlery, wallpaper and lamps Wegner's oeuvre is dominated by chairs and tables, works in which he combines simplicity and extravagance, organic forms and clarity. Over the course of his career Wegner created more than 500 such chair models, a testament to his inquisitive, creative character.

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Hans J. Wegner: Designing Danish Modern @ Vitra Design Museum Schaudepot

...With the exhibition Hans J. Wegner: Designing Danish Modern the Vitra Design Museum Schaudepot explores the oeuvre of one of the Grand Doyens, and arguably one of the most widely misconstrued protagonists, of 20th century Danish design... But you simply cannot”1 opined Hans J. Wegner in 1952: and as if to prove his point designed over 500...

smow blog 2014. A pictorial review: April

...Away from Milan April 214 saw us get to know the work of Pascal Howe at the DMY Design Gallery Berlin, experience the full depth of the Thonet chair design history at the Grassi Museum Leipzig, the work of Ola Kolehmainen, Okolo Offline at Depot Basel and wish Hans J. Wegner a happy 100th!...

Design Miami Basel 2014

...Similarly, in his centenary year Hans J. Wegner was, thankfully if predictably, also a recurring theme at Design Miami Basel 2014, perhaps most impressively at Dansk Møbelkunst Gallery with, amongst other pieces, a Wishbone Desk and the truly charming 1956 Fruit Bowl while Galerie Eric Phillipe complimented a 1959 Yoke Armchair and a 1954 two drawer desk with a delightful brass and mahogany table lamp by Finnish designer Paavo Tynell...

(smow) blog Design Calendar: April 2nd 1914 – Happy Birthday Hans J. Wegner!

...Written by Christian Holmsted Olesen, the Designmuseum Danmark's head of exhibitions and collections, and largely based on video interviews recorded with Wegner before his death and interviews with those who knew, understood and worked with Wegner, Just one good chair not only documents Hans J. Wegner's journey from teenage carpentry apprentice to the Grand Doyen of 20th century Danish furniture design, but also contains a register of Wegner's works... However, read through the sickly sweet prose and Just one good chair provides a comprehensive and very informative overview of Hans J. Wegner's approach to his work and his understanding of his responsibilities...

5 New Design Exhibitions for April 2014

...Ola Kolehmainen – Geometric Light opens at Haus am Waldsee, Argentinische Allee 30, 14163 Berlin, Germany on Saturday April 5th and runs until May 17th "WEGNER - Just one good chair" at the Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark Hans J. Wegner is one of the most important representatives of Danish modern design... And so punctually to his 100th Birthday the Designmuseum Danmark Copenhagen are presenting the largest, most in depth exhibition devoted to Hans J. Wegner and his oeuvre ever staged...

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