S 43 Classic
S 64 / S 64 N
Barcelona chair
S 43F Classic
S 32 / S 32N
Laccio Table
LC4 Chaise Longue
LC7 Swivel Chair
B 97a
B 97b
B 9a (small)
B 9b (medium 1)
Barcelona stool
S 33 / S 34
LC2 Sofa
B 108
WG 24
S 32 N / S 64 N Pure Materials
B 9d/1
KAISER idell 6631 R Luxus
B 10
WG 25 GL
B 9c (medium 2)
B 22
B 25
B 9d (large)
B 117
LC2 Armchair
Oblique nesting tables K3 A, B, C
Chaise longue à réglage continu miniature
Console Trolley M 4 R
Set B 97
WA 23 SW
B 9 Glass
Adjustable Table E 1027 Replacement Glass
Original Wassily chair
S 40 Outdoor
Set B 9
Set B 9 Glass
LC3 Armchair
S 285/1 S285/2
S 285
B 9 Pure Materials
B 20
S 32 PV / S 64 PV Pure Materials
D 20
MR Chair
Occasional Table
K 40
LC3 Sofa
B3 Wassily Miniature
S 533
Petite Coiffeuse
LC-P Table
LC6 Table
Barcelona Couch
LC8 Swivel Stool
Siège  miniature
Stuhl W1 Miniature
B 97 Glass
Set B 97 Glass
Breuer Chair B 40
MR20 Miniature
MR Lounge Chair with armrests
MR Chaise lounge with armrests
D 22
D 25

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(smow) blog Design Calendar: April 12th 1919 – Official confirmation of the name "Staatliches Bauhaus in Weimar", 12.04.2014

... A succinct letter that ended four long years of negotiation and planning, and which - arguably, and depending on your position - opened a chapter which would change architecture and design more comprehensively than any movement before or since. Having ... The rest, as they say................................ 1. Letter from Hofmarschallamt Weimar, reproduced in hans M. wingler "Das Bauhaus. Weimar Dessau Berlin und die Nachfolge in Chicago seit...

The Kramer Principle: Design for Variable Use @ Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main, 28.03.2014

... Born in Frankfurt in 1898 Ferdinand Kramer undertook a foundation architecture course in Munich before joining Bauhaus Weimar in 1919. Disillusioned by the lack of a formal architecture course at Bauhaus, Kramer returned to the Technical University Munich...

Werkbund Berlin present lecture series "Die gute Form", 17.03.2014

... Although the HfG Ulm only existed for some 15 years it not only set the standards for German industrial production and inspired generations of German designers, it also gave us one of the best examples of Max Bill's understanding of gute Form - the Ulmer...

Bauhaus Archiv Berlin: New Architecture! Modern Architecture in Images and Books, 12.03.2014

... Until June 10th the Bauhaus Archiv Berlin is presenting "New Architecture! Modern Architecture in Images and Books", an exhibition devoted to architecture photography and architecture publishing of the 1920s and 30s. And an exhibition that illustrates just ... Given the location of the exhibition an obvious focus of New Architecture! is Bauhaus and a whole wall in the exhibition room has been given over to photos of Dessau by Lucia Moholy. The...

(smow) blog Design Calendar: March 4th 1951 – The exhibition "Models for industrial design from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden" opens in Leipzig, 04.03.2014

... And thus to be rejected. The resolution from the SED Conference of July 24h 1950 notes that "Formal tendencies are especially strong in architecture and they ignore the real needs of the workers"4 The solution for the SED was to strive towards their own ... Ernst Hoffmann, at the time 2nd Secretary the Berlin SED, claimed, unequivocally, "The headteacher, our Genosse Stam, is a formalist; as such he cannot be the spokesman for the organisation of a...

bewundert, verspottet, gehasst - Das Bauhaus Dessau im Medienecho der 1920er Jahre, 24.02.2014

... The much discussed experiment Bauhaus reaches its first conclusion with the opening of its own institute in Dessau on December 4th 1926. The impact, if any, which this group of architects, to which Gropius belongs, will have on our building culture is ... How other media reported on the event, how Bauhaus generally was presented in the media and how Bauhaus presented itself can be viewed in the exhibition "bewundert, verspottet, gehasst - Das...

(smow) blog Design Calendar: February 10th 1932 – Modern Architecture: International Exhibition opens at the MoMA New York, 10.02.2014

... And had they not, what would remain today from the legacy of Bauhaus, Weissenhofsiedlung, et al....? And how would downtown Chicago, St Louis or Manhattan look today? In celebrating the opening of Modern Architecture: International Exhibition and the...