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Eiermann Table

by Egon Eiermann — from 330,00 €*
Table top:
Colour table dimensions (B x D):
Colour, table frame:
Table frame strut:
Table width:
330,00 €*
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The original Eiermann Table with the classic slanting "Eiermann frame" was developed by Egon Eiermann in 1953.
  • Eiermann Table as desk/conference table/dining table
  • Table top in white melamin with aok edges or black linomlium
  • Table top available in 6 sizes
  • Frame with slanted (Eiermann 1) or with vertical (Eiermann 2)crossbars
  • Tableframe 66 cm deep, in chrome or black
  • Extension stabs included in delivery
  • Table height 68 cm - 85 cm
  • More information on the Eiermann Table Frame 1 and Eiermann 2
*incl. VAT, excl. shipping

Colours & Material

Table Top
Eiermann Table Top
more colours Eiermann 1
Eiermann Tischplatte Linoleum schwarz
Eiermann Tischplatte Melamin weiß mit Eichekante
Table Frame
more colours Eiermann 1 and Eiermann 2
Eiermann Tischgestell verchromt
Eiermann Tischgestell schwarz lackiert

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(smow) blog compact IMM Cologne Special: Richard Lampert, 13.01.2014

... Once again Alexander Seifried was responsible for the re-quoting. And in our opinion has found a wonderful solution, and elegantly disproved the old adage that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. In design you can. A few impression from Richard Lampert...

Talking Stuttgart Architecture, 16.09.2013

... The city's most famous architectural son although he was not from there and never lived there..... However, following his war enforced move from Berlin to Baden-Württemberg Egon Eiermann realised numerous important projects in and around Stuttgart,...

On Egon Eiermann and the maintenance of his legacy......, 30.04.2013

... In the context of another project we are currently researching various aspects of Egon Eiermann's architectural output. And have discovered the most wonderful contradictory positions as regards dealing with his legacy. Contradictory positions which pose ... Constructed from 1967 to 1972 the sprawling campus has remained empty since IBM moved out in 2009; and the new owner, having failed to find any new tenants or alternative uses, went bankrupt in...

IMM Cologne 2013: Wilde+Spieth. Interview with CEO Thomas Gerber., 13.02.2013

... Based in Esslingen near Stuttgart, Wilde+Spieth were originally a manufacturer of roller shutters, then in 1948 Egon Eiermann approached the company with a simple request for extra wide blinds for the Ciba AG factory he was building in Wehr, Baden: a simple ... Together Wilde+Spieth and Egon Eiermann released over 30 product ranges, and even today some 43 years after Eiermann's death the two remain inseparable, while chairs such as the SE 18, SE 42 or SE...

Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln: From Aalto to Zumthor Furniture by Architects, 15.01.2012

... Inside and out. We've got a nice quote somewhere, for example, about Egon Eiermann only agreeing to build a house in Berlin if he was also contracted to do the furniture. And Arne Jacobsen made similar demands before accepting the commissions for the SAS...

Egon Eiermann - New Chairs for New Churches. The SE 119 and SE 121 , 19.12.2011

... On December 17th 1961 the New Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche in Berlin was officially consecrated. Designed by Egon Eiermann the new church was and is a very self-confident, modern replacement for the Old Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche; a building that ... In keeping with all his projects up to that period Egon Eiermann didn't just create the building but also designed the furniture and fittings for the new church. Fortunately for us the new chairs...

"Everyone steals from everyone else. The seating industry lives from reciprocal robbery", 08.12.2011

... How many publications today would have the confidence to print a quote from a modern Egon Eiermann denouncing all furniture designers as plagiarists? And for us the article ends with the heartwarming news that one person shares our distrust of trends and...

Wilbur af Daniel Wahl, 24.09.2011

... Under DMY Berlin 2011 lancerede Daniel Wahl aka Weltunit sit nye skrivebord Wilbur. Bordet er specielt designet til den klassiske Egon Eiermann bordramme, og Wilburs primære funktion er at hjæpe brugerne med at genvinde kontrollen over deres...

(smow) summer tour 2011: Summaery @ Bauhaus University Weimar, 20.07.2011

... Wilbur by Daniel Wahl provides the perfect solution to storing and organising cables and external drives and "Über Eiermann" the same for organising all those things that sit on your desk. "Über Eiermann" simply takes the steel tubes of the Eiermann table...

Wilbur by Daniel Wahl, 15.06.2011

... During DMY Berlin 2011 Daniel Wahl aka weltunit formally launched his new desk top Wilbur. Specially designed for the classic Egon Eiermann table frame, Wilbur's principle function is in helping the user regain control of their workspace. For all cable...

Eiermann Desk: Why does Benjamin deserve one?, 12.01.2011

... Back in October 2010 the design blog ran a competition with a Richard Lampert Egon Eiermann desk - supplied naturally by (smow) - as the first prize. Entrants were asked to say why they deserved the desk. In his winning entry Benjamin ... But then we already have an Eiermann Desk! Benjamin's winning video (in German with English...

2010 Designer Furniture World Cup, Final: Switzerland 2-Germany 1, 27.07.2010

... Fritz Haller against Egon Eiermann. While ahead of the 2010 (smow) designer furniture world cup final many bemoaned the decision of both Switzerland and Germany to  play safe with their more technical formations;  the match itself was one for...

2010 Designer Furniture World Cup, Semi-Final: USA 1-Germany 2, 13.07.2010

... Shortly afterwards he moved into a 2:1 lead with his deceptively robust Eiermann deskframe. And despite some intensive aluminium chair work from Charles and Ray Eames, Egon Eiermann held on for a  2:1 victory. (smow)2010 ...

(smow)offline: Leipzig Buchmesse - a designer furniture perspective, 25.03.2010

... For people who spend most of their working lives sat at desks, publishers and authors have a frightening disregard for comfort when it comes to chairs. Or at least they do if the furniture we saw at the 2010 Leipzig Buchmesse was a measure of the industry...

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