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Polder Sofa

by Hella Jongerius, 2005/2015 — 7.010,00 €
Vitra Polder Sofa

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Polder Sofa

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7.010,00 € *
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The Polder Sofa from Vitra achieves a maximum rating on any comfort scale! Designed by Hella Jongerius the Polder Sofa presents itself in a self-confident asymmetric form and an upholstery colour coordinated to remind of the polders in Hella Jongerius' native Holland. The attention to detail by the designer is especially clear when one looks at the eye-catching buttons in a material collage composed of coloured plastic, aluminium and leather.


Product type Sofa
Dimensions Seating depth: 620

Dimensions in mm
Colours Fabric mix Golden yellow

Fabric mix Red

Fabric mix Green

Fabric mix Night blue

Material Frame/supporting structure: wood
Seat: polyurethane foam with interactive pocket springs, chamber cushion and polyester fleece
Back cushion: polyurethane foam with polyester fleece with chamber cushion
Armrest cushions: detached bolster, freely positionable, sand-weighted.
Upholstery fabrics:
Aura: 97% wool, 3% polyamide
Brink: 85% wool, 15% polyamide
Credo: 95% wool, 5% polyamide
Dumet: 46% cotton, 22% wool, 15% viscose, 9% Polyester, 8% linen
Laser: 100% polyester Trevira CS
Maize: 100% virgin wool
Panamone: 100% cotton
Plano: 100% Polyester
Volo: 85% wool, 15% polyamide
Twill: 70% wool, 3% polyamide
Variants Cover colours can be selected from four carefully selected combinations of colours and textiles.

The selection 'armrest left' and 'right arm' refers to the sofa when viewed from the front.

The Polder Compact is sold separately
Function & properties Removable covers
Care Vacuum to remove dust and lint.
Fresh stains can be removed with a soft sponge. For stubborn stains please consult a professional cleaning company
Certificates & Sustainability Vitra conform to
ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality management systems)
ISO 14001: 2004 (Environmental management systems)
Warranty 24 months
Datasheet Please click on picture for detailed information (ca. 0,2 MB).
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Popular versions

Polder Sofa, Left armrest, Fabric mix red
Polder Sofa, Left armrest, Fabric mix green
Polder Sofa, Right armrest, Fabric mix red
Polder Sofa, Left armrest, Fabric mix golden yellow
Polder Sofa, Right armrest, Fabric mix night blue
Polder Sofa, Right armrest, Fabric mix green
Polder Sofa, Right armrest, Fabric mix golden yellow
Polder Sofa, Left armrest, Fabric mix night blue

... A Sofa that Refuses to be Classified as such ...

In addition to office furniture, Vitra has always been associated with classic living products. In 2004, they decided to extend their portfolio through the release of contemporary home furniture and launched their own home collection. Rolf Fehlbaum, Vitra CEO at the time, asked Dutch designer Hella Jongerius if she would not like to design a modern sofa for Vitra. "Why a sofa?", was her prompt reply. "I hate sofas, big blocks of foam – I never see a sofa that I like." Fehlbaum then simply asked, "Then why don’t you make one you like yourself?".

The play of colours and craftsmanship make the Polder Sofa a special kind of sofa

Said and done. It was clear to Hella Jongerius from the start that colours and fabrics would play a central role in her sofa design; the designer is known for her work with colours and materials and had already experienced that people not only have a bad colour memory, but also have much less sense and security in the selection of fabrics than in fashion. So she thought about picking up on this and creating a sofa with seat and back cushions in different fabrics and different shades of a basic colour. Together with Vitra the Polder sofa was developed for series production and presented at the furniture fair in Milan in 2005. Where it caused surprise: then as today there was no comparable sofa - and finally an upholstered furniture object managed to look different to all the others, even to provoke and challenge understandings of sofas.

One colour is no colour. A colour becomes a colour because it has neighbours. - Hella Jongerius

Something interesting only emerges if I manage to stack diverse layers of ideas, stories, material characteristics, traces of the process, details, beauty, tactile experiences and misfits on top of each other. - Hella Jongerius

The name "Polder" is Dutch and refers to the land that is won from the sea by the creation of dykes. Hella Jongerius, while looking at the sofa, was reminded through its asymmetrical seating of just such a landscape. The effect created by playing with the colours and textures of the different upholstery elements initially seems irritating: are some of the colours faded? Has there been a mistake in the assembly? Is it a used sofa? The different decorative buttons on the sofa, which come in exotic natural materials such as water buffalo horn, olive and bamboo wood or mother of pearl, complete the composition: not least through the fact that they have a large number of holes whose arrangement is random, which combined with the wide cross-stitch with which the buttons are attached, the Vitra Sofa has the feel of a craft object and is seemingly improvised.

In 2015 Hella Jongerius reworked her groundbreaking design - larger cushions were add for even more comfort, and the colour compositions have also been adapted.

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