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Vertigo Pendant Lamp
PH 5
Panthella Portable
Flowerpot VP3 Table lamp
Panthella Standing Lamp
PH 5 Mini
Panthella Midi 320 Table Lamp
PH 2/1 Table Lamp
Kaiser Idell 6631-P
PH 3/2 Table Lamp
Flowerpot VP7 Pendant Lamp
Vertigo Nova Pendant
AJ Wall lamp
PH 5 Mini Monochrome
Pendant Lamp A110
+ Gift
Ambit Pendant Lamp
Carronade High Floor
Bank Pendant Lamp
Bourgie mat
Special Edition
PH 3/2 Pendant Lamp
Orient Pendant Lamp
Flowerpot VP9 Portable
Akari 16A
Mooon! Table Lamp
Talo Parete LED
Akari 13A
Akari 9A
Pin Coat Pin LED
Tolomeo Faretto
Leaf Floor Lamp
Night Owl
Kaiser Idell 6722-P
Akari 7A
VL38 Wall Light
Unika Pendant Lamp
Big Battery
PC Portable
Carronade Spot Pendant
Le Soleil Parete
Turn On
Planet Floor Lamp
Snowball Table Lamp
Carrie Table Lamp
Peek Table Lamp
Tidelight Floor Lamp
Vertigo Nova Floor Lamp
Hashira Pendant
Marselis Table Lamp
Akari YP1
Aplomb Outdoor
PC Table Lamp
Column Table Lamp
Spring Balanced Floor Lamp
Reverse Table Lamp
Hashira Table Lamp
Hashira Floor Lamp
Collect Lighting
Rime Pendant Lamp
PH 5 Monochrome
Bauhaus Pendant Lamp DMB26
K831 Pendant Lamp
PC Pendant Lamp
Roxxane Fly
Tulip Lamp
AJ Mini Table Lamp
Suspence Pendant Lamp
Mooon! Floor Lamp
Beam Table lamp
Ginger Wall Lamp
Pendant Lamp A331 Beehive
+ Gift
Snowball Floor Lamp
Pendant Lamp AMA500
+ Gift
Soleil Pendant
SAX Model 120 + 223 Wall
Caleo Pendant
Anglepoise Oversized 1227 Exhibition Piece
Model 172 Pendant
Model 375 Table
Arum Floor Lamp
Caleo Original Pendant
Caché Pendant
Come Together
Lamella Pendant
Hashira Cluster Pendant
PH Artichoke
Le Soleil Sospensione LED
Akari 24N / 25N
Akari YA2
Vertigo Nova Wall Lamp
Buddy Floor Lamp
Rime Wall Lamp
 Model 181 Comet Pendant
Model 101 The Lantern Pendant
Modular Floor Lamp
Patera Oval
Pendant Lamp A201
+ Gift

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Eames Lighting Design... Or, A search for light in the Eames Universe...

...New Modern House Opens Without Portable Lamps see also Architect's Criticism Holds No Fears for Lamp Industry, New Light on Those Portables / Chicago Comments It's Just Too Bad; Home Lighting Debatted 13... see, for example, New Light on Those Portables / Chicago Comments It's Just Too Bad; Home Lighting Debatted; Architect's Criticism Holds No Fears for Lamp Industry 17...

100 Years of Positionable Light @ the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

...Lighting design makes it positionable, is one of those ways lighting designers make the intangibility of light's energy a tangible good, make light useful and practical, and as 100 Years of Positionable Light very elegantly, coherently, and satisfyingly nerdily, underscores, while positionable light may not have arrived with the primordial glow of the Big Bang, it is a functionality of light that was sought as soon as technology made it possible, and a functionality of light which designers have continued to evolve and develop over the decades, and will continue to do so, for who can imagine a world without a lamp you can freely position with one hand...

Wilhelm Wagenfeld: Lamps @ the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus, Bremen

"I assure you that you and your work are the model case for what the Bauhaus has been after" wrote Walter Gropius to Wilhelm Wagenfeld in April 1965. Just how Wilhelm Wagenfeld developed that "model case" "after" Bauhaus is explored, at least in terms of one...

smow Blog Design Calendar: February 24th 1893 – Happy Birthday Christian Dell!

The German designer and silversmith Christian Dell is arguably best known for the numerous lighting designs he realised during the 1920s and 1930s. Christian Dell was however also one of the pioneers of plastic design. If all too briefly. Born in Offenbach am...

Heimat Lamp by Birgit Severin and Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo

The question as to what "home" means has never been an easy one to answer, and in our global age of networked, anonymous, communities, our age of refugees and migrant workers, our age of abstract "Homeland Security" agencies, the question has in many ways...

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