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smow USM Configurator
Lounge Chair & Ottoman
USM Haller Sideboard L, Customisable
USM Haller Table
USM Haller Highboard M, Customisable
USM Haller Highboard L, Customisable
Adjustable Table E 1027
USM Haller Sideboard M, Customisable
LC2 Armchair
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal with 3 Drawers Type I
Tolomeo Tavolo
USM Haller Storage Unit M, Customisable
Aluminium Group EA 119
Aluminium Group EA 219
Aluminium Group EA 107 / EA 108
USM Haller Side Table 35
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal with Hanging File Basket
USM Haller Side Table 50
WG 24
LC2 Sofa
USM Haller Storage Unit open
ID Mesh
EA 103 / EA 104
USM Haller Highboard L open
USM Haller Sideboard L with 2 Drop-down Doors
USM Haller Sideboard M with 1 Drop-down Door
USM Haller Highboard L with 4 Drop-down Doors
USM Haller Highboard M open
USM Haller Storage Unit with 2 Drop-down Doors
WG 25 GL
USM Haller Sideboard L open
USM Inos Lid/Tray
Der kleine Lehner
USM Haller Mobile Pedestal with 3 Drawers Type II
WA 23 SW
USM Haller Highboard M with 1 Drop-down Door
Sideboard R 111N
Meterware Accessories
ID Soft
Tray Meterware
USM Haller Office Sideboard M with Drawers
Meda Conference
Aluminium Group EA 215 / 216
crew 2x Litter Bin
crew 1x Litter Bin
Lobby Chair ES 104
USM Haller Bar Trolley
HeadLine Management Chair
Aluminium Group EA 207 / EA 208
ID Trim L
USM Haller Desktop on Castors Type 2
WA 24
La Chaise
Aluminium Group EA 116
ID Trim
EA 101
Lobby Chair ES 105 / ES 108
Alcove Sofa
Alcove Highback Sofa
Park Sofa
Soft Pad Chaise ES 106
MVS Chaise
ID Trim Conference
USM Haller Desktop on Castors Type 1
Park Armchair
Park Swivel Armchair