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TV Boards

Design classic: USM Haller TV boards

A TV lowboard from USM Haller, a flexible trolley from Müller Möbelfabrikation or rather a TV & Sound Board of Montana? When choosing the right TV furniture one quickly reaches the questions: How does the TV furniture refer to the size of the TV and the living room, can TV accessories or the stereo system also be conveniently accommodated and perhaps additional storage space for DVDs or magazines? The decision-making process also depends on whether a TV unit is to be permanently installed or used flexibly, whether the design should be as restrained as possible or there is room for experimentation. Fortunately, no matter how the answers to these questions evolve, smow offers a diverse selection of high quality TV boards from renowned design companies. For example, the flexible trolley R 103N from Müller Möbelfabrikation, which sets a very personal colour accent in any desired RAL colour, is perfect for single household use. The USM Haller TV Board XL with levelling feet or the USM Haller TV Lowboard XL, which can be rolled out, offers plenty of storage space and includes - like the entire USM furniture system - generous TV furniture with space for the complete entertainment accessories for the whole family. Lovers of the retro look will love the Hifive Sideboard by Northern, which can also be optimally used to store records. A further highlight among the TV furniture are the Montana TV & Sound Boards, which represent all that is noble in functional Scandinavian design.

Sideboard TV/Hifi Octave III from Montana

TV Lowboard R 110N from Müller Möbelfabrikation

TV Lowboard R 109N from Müller Möbelfabrikation