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Helios Firebowl

Firebowls for entertaining and relaxing

Skagerak Helios firebowl

For all looking for the perfect firebowl for a relaxing summer's evening, a barbecue with friends or as a feature for a family celebration in the garden, firebowls provide not only comfort and warmth but can also provide your guests with delicious grilled specialities. In order to safely enjoy an original campfire atmosphere in your own garden or on the terrace, you should consider a few important things. However, with the help of the following tips, questions and answers concerning firebowls and fire baskets, nothing should stand in the way of unique summer evenings with friends or family.

The correct location and surface for your firebowl

Large, flat firebowls create the classic campfire feeling, but require a lot of space and should ideally only be used in sufficiently large gardens or on spacious terraces. As a rule, firebowls are made of one piece so that no embers can fall on the ground. Nevertheless, the surface on which they stand must be fireproof and in addition ensure that the legs are sufficiently high to avoid any damage from the heat. Particular caution is required on balconies and terraces with sensitive floors.

Firebowl from Feuerring (photo: Dennis Savini)

Three important safety tips for handling firebowls

1. Beware of flying sparks. There must be enough space between the firebowl and garden furniture, especially if they are
made of wood, plastic or rattan.

2. Spark protection grids can be placed, like a hood, over the firebowl to ensure extra safety.

3. Fire baskets should always be used with a suitable base, as embers can fall to the floor through the aeration holes.

Robust firebowl from Skagerak

Skagerak Helios firebowl

Sit comfortably by the firebowl with Gloster garden furniture from the Kay collection

What material are firebowls made of?

Firebowls are made of a wide variety of materials such as iron, steel, ceramics, clay or glass. Models made of iron, cast iron, steel and stainless steel are usually more expensive, but they are the most robust in the long run. While particularly high temperatures, moisture and temperature changes can attack and brittle fire bowls made of natural materials, fire bowls made of steel and iron are immune to such influences. Iron fire bowls develop a characteristic rust patina, which gives them a special visual appeal. If you don't like the rusty reddish surface, you can use a model made of stainless steel, which is protected against oxidation.

Are firebowls also suitable for barbecuing?

Since it is not far from the campfire to the barbecue, manufacturers such as Skagerak offer their firebowls with a matching grill grate. In this way, the campfire can be converted into a grill station in no time at all. Should you wish to cook with your firebowl you are advised to stick to objects in iron and steel. Firebowls made of clay, ceramic or terracotta cannot withstand the high temperatures, unless they have been specially designated by the manufacturer.

Skagerak firebowl with grill grate

Grill grate for the Skagerak firebowl