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Wassily Chair Bauhaus Edition

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3.081,00 € *
Limited special edition - only 2 x in stock, delivery time 2-3 working days (country of delivery Germany)
3 % advance payment discount*: 2.988,57 € (Save 92,43 €)

The Wassily armchair, designed in 1925 by Marcel Breuer, stands, with its tubular steel frame, for the successful beginning of the Bauhaus era. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Knoll International is launching the Wassily Chair in a strictly limited edition Bauhaus Edition with a black steel frame - in combination with the black leather trim, a uniquely elegant design.


Product type Armchair

Dimensions in cm
Material Frame: Steel tubing, black chrome plated, with plastic glides
Cover: Cowhide leather, black
Variants The standard version of the Wassily Armchair is available separately.
Function & Properties Limited edition of 500
Delivery includes A special cleaning cloth is included
Care Cleaning:
Clean the metal components with lukewarm water and if necessary with a mild soap. For heavier soiling a stainless steel cleaner helps. Wipe off all cleaning agents thoroughly. Never use harsh detergents. Use only soft cleaning cloths.

Chrome can be refreshed from time to time with a suitable polish. You can achieve a special shine by polishing with a dry, soft cloth.
Awards & Museum The Museum of Modern Art Award, 1968
Zertifikate Imprinted in the furniture are in addition to the logo "Knoll International" and Marcel Breuer's signature the text "Bauhaus 100th Anniversary Limited Edition" and the serial number.

Warranty 24 months

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Yrjö Kukkapuro – Magic Room at Espoo Museum of Modern Art, EMMA

...Kukkapuro developing an ice hockey stick chair that is a very nice twist on the, in all probability apocryphal, story of Marcel Breuer being inspired by bicycle handle bars to employ steel tubing in furniture; an ice hockey stick chair that introduces, and very efficiently elucidates, various formal, aesthetic and constructional aspects that are of such importance in the Yrjö Kukkapuro oeuvre... Plexiglass which also features, alongside tubular steel, in a 1969 cantilever chair which takes up Marcel Breuer's vision of us one day sitting on a "resilient column of air"2, and not only allows one to approach that day via, as Breuer did, the inherent elasticity of the cantilever, but also to approach that day via the transparent seat shell, a conceit which means you are almost literally floating on air...

Chairs: Dieckmann! The Forgotten Bauhäusler Erich Dieckmann at Neuwerk 11, Halle

...In which context one of the more interesting comparisons one can frame Dieckmann in is that with Marcel Breuer: the two were fellow students in the Weimar carpentry workshop under Gropius; they shared responsibility for the majority of the furniture and interior design of the Haus am Horn show home presented at the 1923 Bauhaus exhibition; both had a hang in their furniture to a constructivist rationalisation; both passed their Gessel exam in 1924... A state of affairs which on the one hand, arguably, is related to the fact Breuer moved not only to Dessau but to America, and thus post-War when Bauhaus, largely the Dessau incarnation, was raised by the MoMA New York to its near mythical position in the pantheon of design, when all other inter-War German design schools were wiped in a single sweep from the narrative of furniture design (hi)story, when Bauhaus became the synonym for inter-War design in Germany, Marcel Breuer was very visible...

Eames Lighting Design... Or, A search for light in the Eames Universe...

...Wandering aimlessly through the digital Marcel Breuer Archive one afternoon, we stumbled across a letter dated July 25th 1950 from Peter M Fraser, one of Breuer's employees, to the Eames Office, enquiring about a lighting design by Charles and Ray that Breuer was interested in using in one of his architectural projects, and requesting... And brings us back to Marcel Breuer...

Anton Lorenz: From Avant-Garde to Industry @ Vitra Design Museum Schaudepot, Weil am Rhein

...Prior to his aforementioned acquaintance with Mies van der Rohe's cantilever chairs, Lorenz had seen works by Marcel Breuer in the office of Breuer's associate, business partner, and fellow Hungarian, Kálmán Lengyel, and subsequently not only joined the board of Breuer and Lengyel's Standard Möbel company but undertook experiments in his own workshop to further develop the technical, material, aspects of Breuer's work, experiments which, as he describes, were intended to bring the same resilience to Breuer's designs that he had felt in Mies's... Thonet, serving between 1933 and 1935 as, and somewhat logically, Head of Industrial Property Rights, before spending the second half of the 1930s in closed contact with the likes of Mies van der Rohe, Hans Luckhardt, Heinz Rasch, Lily Reich, László Moholy-Nagy and Marcel Breuer...

smow blog Design Calendar: June 1st 1932 - Mart Stam Awarded Artistic Copyright for the Cubic Cantilever Chair

...The story begins in Dessau in the mid 1920s and the development of tubular steel furniture, a process in which Marcel Breuer unquestionably played a major, if not the major, role... Aware of the commercial possibilities of the genre Marcel Breuer established in late 1926/early 1927 the company Standard-Möbel in Berlin with fellow Magyar Kálmán Lengyel, the first dedicated manufacturer of tubular steel furniture...

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