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The Danish textile company Kvadrat was founded in 1968 and is one of the leading manufacturers in its field, supplying architects, designers and furniture manufacturers worldwide. As a manufacturer Kvadrat not only works with renowned design greats such as Alfredo Häberli or the Bouroullec brothers, but also supports art projects such as the Frieze Art Fair to strengthen the use of textile materials. In addition, Kvadrat's products are found in countless major buildings around the world - from Yves Saint Laurent in Paris to museums such as the Guggenheim in Bilbao or the MoMA in New York to the Opera House in Copenhagen. The Danish company is not only groundbreaking in terms of textile design, but also in terms of employee satisfaction and outstanding working conditions. In 2008 the Kvadrat headquarters received a health award from the Danish Sports Association, and in 2012 was dubbed the healthiest workplace in Denmark. Strict quality standards, environmental awareness and social responsibility are central to the Kvadrat ethos.

Kvadrat Multitone rug by Hella Jongerius

Ready Made Curtains

Among Kvadrat's many noteworthy products one finds the Ready Made Curtains, created in collaboration with the designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The curtain system can be individually configured: the individual components of the curtain can be ordered separately and combined as desired. In addition, Kvadrat's Ready Made Curtains can be cut to the perfect size - without fraying. From the various hangers, centre columns, brackets and curtains, countless configurations can be realised - from monochrome to colourful, and that in a variety of textile finishes. The installation of the Ready Made Curtains is child's play: the chosen brackets are simply attached to the wall or ceiling and the cable, which replaces the classic curtain rod, strained. Once the suspension has been installed, the brackets can be slipped on and the fabric, tailored to individual requirements, can be hung: the Ready Made Curtain is ... ready!

Ready Made Curtain Frozen

Kvadrat Ace curtain

Ready Made Curtain hangers

Brackets for Kvadrat curtains

Ready Made Curtain mounting

Kvadrat Rugs

The Kvadrat Rugs, formerly distributed under the brand name Danskina, are characterised by outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous care in production and attention to detail. Characteristic of the Kvadrat rugs are the unique textures of the textiles which are created by a harmonious combination of classical techniques and contemporary design approaches. Over the decades Kvadrat has established itself as a strong reputation amongst design-savvy architects and interior designers worldwide and has established long-term cooperations with internationally renowned designer Hella Jongerius, who was appointed head of Danskina's design department in 2013 and developed various design rugs for the company's portfolio. Also in terms of manufacturing process Kvadrat sets high standards: the production combines the latest technologies with traditional craftsmanship and first-class materials. The textile company, which operates worldwide, often uses existing structures and, depending on the model, has the carpets produced by specialists in the Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, Nepal and India. On account of the complex production process and long delivery routes, the most popular Kvadrat Rugs are available as "Kvadrat Rugs in Stock" with a shorter delivery time.

Kvadrat Rugs in gentle tones

Kvadrat Duotone rug by Hella Jongerius

Kvadrat rug Bold

Kvadrat rug East

Kvadrat rug Eno