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Pendant Lamp A110
Pendant Lamp A330S Golden Bell
Pendant Lamp A201
Pendant Lamp AMA500
JL341 Pendant Lamp
Wall Light A330S Golden Bell
Pendant Lamp A331 Beehive
Pendant Lamp A333 Turnip

Artek Lighting

Artek A110 lamp

In addition to furniture, the portfolio of the Finnish manufacturer Artek includes numerous lamps, including well-known mid-century lighting classics such as the A110 pendant lamp. Artek lighting meet high aesthetic demands and not only illuminate a room, but also actively help to shape it, whereby, the design and also the quality of the light diffusion is decisive and Artek lights provide pleasantly diffused and diffuse light which optimises any space. Many of the lights that Artek produces today come from Artek co-founder Alvar Aalto and were designed from the 1930s to the 1950s. As an architect, Alvar Aalto followed the Gesamtkunstwerk approach, regularly designing furniture, lights and fittings for his buildings. Because the Artek lights had to correspond to very precise spatial ideas and were designed by Aalto similar to a sculpture, they developed a special aesthetic quality. Artek lights impress with their unmistakable dynamic geometry, are refined and elegant, and thus ennoble a wide variety of interiors.

Artek A201 pendant lamp

Artek Golden Bell lamp

Artek Golden Bell wall lamp

Artek lighting in the contract sector

Artek Beehive lamp

Artek AMA500 pendant lamp