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VP Globe Glass

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The Panto pendant light by Verner Panton in the dining room

The name of the Danish lighting and furniture manufacturer Verpan leaves little to interpretation: it is a constriction of the name of Danish designer Verner Panton, and it was with his designs that Verpan have traded since 2003 in select re-editions. Starting with lamps such as, for example, the Moon hanging light or the Wire light, the company has expanded and now numerous Verner Panton furniture designs form an integral part of the Verpan program. The fact that the new editions are also realised in the spirit of Verner Panton is due to the close cooperation between the Danish producer and the Verner Panton's window and estate.

Ensemble of Verner Panton's VP Globe lamps

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official Verpan trading partner.

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Passenger Terminal Expo 2016 Cologne: Vitra

...Whereas Vitra's airport portfolio has until now featured a combination of designs from the company's wider programmes, including, for example, the Eames plastic chairs or designs by Maarten van Severen, and specially developed projects such as Airline by Sir Norman Foster or the Meda Gate family by Alberto Meda, in Cologne Vitra are presenting with Verner Panton's Cloverleaf Sofa from Verpan a new string to their bow, namely a co-operation with another manufacturer... And for us Vitra's cooperation with Verpan makes perfect sense...

(smow) blog Design Calendar: 25th January 1970 - Visiona 2 by Verner Panton Opens in Cologne

"Wood will be driven out of living spaces; even metal and glass, although much newer in domestic situations, are losing their importance. Plastics are on the advance....."1 What had caused the German magazine Stern to pronounce in February 1970 so...

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