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Montana combine almost everything you could want from a modular furniture system. Although the shelving system developed by Peter J. Lassen in 1982 is based on complicated mathematical calculations, in practical terms it is very simple: with 36 basic modules, 4 depths and 42 colours, the combination possibilities of the Montana system are almost infinite. Available either in the Montana Collection as preconfigured systems or as an individually configured solution, and regardless of for the living room, bedroom, kitchen or hallway - with Montana you are certain to find the right object for your needs. The Montana repertoire ranges from more extensive storage space solutions from the Board to the small Montana roll container Play which is intended for nurseries.

Montana furniture in production

Lowboard Rest by Montana

The color system

Montana also offer a high degree of flexibility in terms of colours. The colour system of the Danish manufacturer consists of 42 varnishes developed in cooperation with the colour expert Pernille Kaagaard, and offers the user near endless possibilities for the individual personalisation of their furniture. Montana furniture is produced from the highest-quality materials by experienced craftsmen, and with its reduced form language and unobtrusive design offers a high degree of adaptability, not least thanks to the individual configuration options. While with its rounded corners Montana furniture remains absolutely unmistakable.

Quality and sustainability

Quality and sustainability are the primary focus of the Danish manufacturer Montana. Produced exclusively in Denmark by a small team of highly specialised craftsmen and women, quality standards can be precisely controlled and adhered to. Since 2007 Montana has been using exclusively solvent-free paints and water-based paints which are kinder to both environment, employees and end-user, and helps in context of regular environmental audits to ensure the company meets the highest international environmental standards.

The basics of the Montana modular system

smow sells exclusively originals from licensed manufacturers and is an official trading partner of Montana.

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