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Androgyne Rectangular Dining Table
Norm Floor Mirror
Hashira Pendant
Harbour Dining Chair
Hashira Floor Lamp
Towel Ladder
Carrie Table Lamp
NoNo Table
Hashira Cluster Pendant
Reverse Table Lamp
Co Chair
Column Table Lamp
JWDA Table Lamp
Hashira Table Lamp
Pedal Bin
Échasse Vase
Rail Desk
WM String Cushion
Peek Table Lamp
Epoch Rack
WM String Lounge Chair
Plinth Table
Snaregade Round Table
Bank Pendant Lamp
Torso Table Lamp Portable
Passage Stool
Tailor Sofa
Knitting Chair
Snaregade Rectangular Table
Snaregade Oval Table
Afteroom Plywood Chair
WM String Dining Chair

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Inviting to feel good: The award-winning Tailor sofa next to NoNo Table and Plinth Table with Échasse vase by Menu

The Danish furniture manufacturer Menu was founded in 1979 by Simon Hansen as the "Danish Steel House". Starting with the production of high-quality kitchen and silver products, Bjarne Hansen developed the famous Irish Coffee Set in 1988, an international bestseller. Minimalist Scandinavian Design combined with first-class material quality, imaginative details as well as smart functionality and everyday usability characterizes the originality of Menu. The Knitting Chair by designer IB Kofod-Larsen, with its elegant and original appearance, is an established classic, which Menu has recently revived. The Danish manufacturer has gathered designers who share the innovative zeitgeist and sense of modernity without forgetting the times of yore. The furniture manufacturer thus creates a balance between past and longevity, future and sustainability. The Échasse Vases by Theresa Rand, the JWDA Table Lamp by Jonas Wagell or the marble side table Plinth Table by Norm Architects are just a few examples of the designers and their timelessly beautiful furniture and home accessories. Norm Architects also enrich Menu's product range with a versatile and multi-room series for bathrooms and living areas, which was designed to be simple and puristic; the Towel Ladder for example is not only suitable as a towel rail in the bathroom, but also as a clothes rail in the bedroom or accessory in the hallway.

The famous Menu Échasse Vase from Theresa Rand

Classic meets modern: JWDA Table Lamp by Jonas Wagell

So adaptable: Menu Plinth Table

Simple elegance with Norm Floor Mirror from Menu

WM String Lounge Chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The MENU sustainability manifesto

Responsible production and responsible high-quality products are an important concern of the brand

At Menu, the production of furniture and accessories is organised in context of responsibility: every aspect of the company being geared towards adhere to its own definition of responsible products. This includes the procurement of raw materials and materials close to the market, the percentage of which is to be increased from 26% to 39%. It is not only the support of regional companies that is an advantage, but the minimal impact on the environment from transport and social working conditions play a central role. By 2024, the company wants to offer a ten-year guarantee for 30% of its products, and thus further contributing to customer and, of course, environmental friendliness.

Super stackable and versatile: the Passage Stool from Menu

Sustainable solutions are seen as an integral part of the corporate strategy, a strategy that includes global standards of responsible business models, as well as like-minded and fair partnerships. Internally, too, the company integrates sustainable approaches into day-to-day business. A balanced growth of the brand, the supply chain and the staff are the cornerstones of Menu's strategic approach to sustainability. The meaningful use of all resources is the focus of all activities of the label.

Environment, quality and community are important keywords in Menu's sustainability manifesto, as is the social, legal and environmentally friendly sense of responsibility, which is reflected in every step of the company - and in the 10-point plan that all Menu products must meet. Longevity, production close to the market and responsible products are the cornerstones of the sustainability manifesto, which flow into the smallest details of the label. Spare parts or aids such as screws etc. are also sold in order to increase the service life of the products and to think sustainably. ISO certifications are also part of the sustainable way of thinking and acting at Menu.

Using all resources meaningfuly is a key Menu principle