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Combines style, comfort and design with sustainability: the modular Vetsak Two Seat Sofa, here with views over Cape Town

Established by two German and one South African entrepreneurs, Vetsak started out in 2012 as a humble beanbag manufacturer in Woodstock, Cape Town: today Vetsak is a global e-commerce company that aims to provide more comfort and well-being worldwide. And no longer only relies on the high-quality, comfortable Vetsak beanbags alone, but since 2020 also on the Vetsak sofa, which premiered at the IMM Cologne in the same year. In the development and production of the stylish, comfortable Vetsak lounge furniture, sustainability, durability and excellent quality are key aspects for the manufacturer.

Prominent and popular, Vetsak Beanbags

The Vetsak Beanbag is super light and easy to care for

An invitation to rest ... the Vetsack Two Seats, size M

Vetsak processes vegan, sustainable materials and saves resources in packaging and transport

As one of the newcomers in the sofa sector Vetsak teamed up with the designer Thomas Kirn to develop the Vetsak sofa. Together they have developed a completely vegan, wood-free sofa that, thanks to innovative packaging technology, can be sent compressed in a box - an absolute novelty in Europe. This saves valuable resources during shipping and, in particular, keeps delivery times short. The covers of the Vetsak furniture are not only comfortable, soft, durable and washable, but are also made from recycled PET bottles. Vetsak is thus clearly positioning itself as a sustainable manufacturer.

Ideal for families: Thanks to its size and modularity, the whole family can find a place while its its removable covers are practical for the everyday dramas of family life: the Vetsak sofa